BattleTech at Adepticon

Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Demo Team will be out in full force at Adepticon 2022, happening March 23 to 27 in Schaumberg, Ill. Stop by and play a game of BattleTech, or check out some of our latest and greatest products.

Available in very small numbers will be the next compilation Technical Readout, Technical Readout: Dark Age.

Technical Readout: Dark Age expands on Technical
Readout: Succession Wars
Technical Readout: Clan Invasion, and Technical Readout:
Clan Invasion
by combining the ’Mechs previously found in Technical Readout: 3067,
Technical Readout: 3075, Technical Readout: 3085, Technical Readout: 3145,
Technical Readout: 3150, Technical Readout: Irregulars, and Technical Readout:
, this volume features some of the most common ’Mechs from the Jihad.
Each machine is accompanied by an illustration, a description of its history, capabilities,
and game stats.

We also hope to have on hand the next series of four Alien Worlds BattleMats, showing the amazing MapPack: Alien Worlds battlefields! We truly won’t know whether these products will make the convention until we’re on the floor opening boxes. We had hoped these BattleMats would ship out before Chinese New Year, be available in force at Adepticon, and then be available in our web store just a few weeks later. Unfortunately, the vagaries of international shipping reared their ugly head, and that didn’t happen. However, we’re trying to airlift in a few copies of each, and the full shipment is on the water and should be available in coming months.

Surrender Your Dreams Reprint Edition Now Available

E-pub $6.99
Print-on-Demand $14.95

Blaine Lee Pardoe’s Dark Age era novel Surrender Your Dreams is now available in e-publication and POD format.

Note: The epilogue of this novel, set in 3156 and regarded by BattleTech developers as non-canon and apocryphal for many years, has been intentionally removed from this new edition.


They are the Fidelis, a brotherhood of warriors whose devotion to honor and courage on the battlefield is unmatched. Their existence known only to a former exarch, they are a fighting force to be reckoned with—a force three knights must consider as they undertake missions that could save the Republic…or cripple it.

Lady Crystal Synd embodies the vision of the knight-errant. Devoted wholeheartedly to the Republic and its citizens, she believes in her mission. But what she must do to accomplish it will test her mettle as a knight—and as a human being.

Hunter Mannheim is descended from a long line of military leaders, and feels he must continue the tradition of excellence in service and sacrifice in battle. But what he must sacrifice in the name of duty may be more than he can bear.

Kristoff Erbe is a man burdened by shame. His father was a collaborator who served as commander of a “re-education camp” for those who defied the fanatical Word of Blake. To this day, Kristoff searches for a way to redeem his family honor.

Three knights. Three dreams. For each, one chance lies outside the walls of the Fortress Republic…

No Substitute for Victory Now in POD!

After some processing delays, the print-on-demand version of Blaine Lee Pardoe’s novel No Substitute for Victory is now available via Amazon.


For nearly a decade, the relentless warriors of Clan Jade Falcon have held the world of Jangso in the A Place system, using it as a training ground for their next generation of warriors. When the planet’s garrison departs to join other Falcon forces in the fight for Terra, the Clans’ ultimate prize, aging Star Commander Hasara is ordered to remain behind. Deemed too old to be worthy of going to Terra, he still embraces his honor, and vows to safeguard the planet and all of the cadets too young to join the fight.

The Lyran Commonwealth, still stinging from losing Jangso to the Falcons, resolves to exploit their absence by taking back the planet before the Falcons can return. Armed with military intelligence and smuggled BattleMechs, Lyran natives on Jangso launch critical strikes at Hasara, his ex-MechWarrior partner, and the Falcon cadets under their wings, luring them into a trap.

But the Lyrans have greatly underestimated the Falcons’ indomitable spirit and the lengths they will go to when driven to the brink of desperation. As Hasara wrestles with his own sense of honor, and faces dwindling morale and diminishing returns against troops seeking to exterminate him and his cadets, he must prove there is still enough fight left in his old bones to secure a victory for the future of his Clan.

Print-on-Demand ($14.95):

Clan Invasion Salvage Blind Box Quick-Start Rules

If you’ve picked up your Clan Invasion Salvage Blind Boxes, check out our all-new Quick Start Rules, designed to get your minis out of the blind box and onto the battlefield as quickly as possible, Full-color record sheets are included!

Download the Quick-Start Rules now: