We’re pleased to announce that the full print runs of the “BattleTech Beginner Box” and “BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat” reached our fulfillment center as scheduled on Dec. 3

After a week of discussions with that partner company, we can confirm that the Beginner Box has moved into the distribution pipeline and could appear on store shelves as soon as this Friday, Dec. 14, with full availability likely during the week of Dec. 17. This distribution is taking place by special agreement outside the company’s normal ordering and street date schedule, an effort to get the Beginner Box to the public as soon as possible and before the holidays. However, local availability in your area may vary as this unique distribution process unfolds.

Following the fulfillment center’s planned shutdown for the winter holidays, the “BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat” boxed set will have a street date of Wednesday, January 23. Both box sets should be available via your local game store’s order form, and both will become available via the Catalyst Game Labs webstore on January 23.

In addition, due to a miscommunication regarding scheduling, “Shattered Fortress” will have a street date of Wednesday, January 23 rather than the previously-announced date of November 28. The full print run of that sourcebook has been received by the fulfillment center and is available now through the Catalyst Game Labs store. However, all orders for that product placed through the Catalyst store will be fulfilled and shipped immediately–many customers have already ordered and reported receiving their copies.

We hope you enjoy these long-awaited products and have a very happy holiday season.

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