We’ve got more mercenary hype on hand for you today, with the next batch of products available ahead of the upcoming launch of our Mercenaries Kickstarter!

This round features the much-beloved Eridani Light Horse, along with some Star League swag. Plus, new fiction featuring both factions, and the next installment of our Kickstarter campaign preview!

New Mercenary T-shirts: Eridani Light Horse and Star League

Now available are new t-shirts featuring the Eridani Light Horse and the Star League, in a variety of sizes for both men’s and women’s cut.

Coming March 10: Northwind Highlanders & The Republic of the Sphere

Based upon the success of these first items, more mercenary and faction t-shirts will roll out during the rest of the year.

Stock: This is our first time offering faction t-shirts in this fashion. As such, we’ve been conservative on quantities. However, these are made in the U.S. and Silkworm has been a stalwart company to work with, always willing to run with us when needed. As such, if sales significantly exceed expectations, we can restock within 21 days. 

Price: $30 each

Catalyst Game Labs web store:
Eridani Light Horse – https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/battletech-eridani-light-horse-t-shirt
Star League – https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/battletech-star-league-t-shirt

Innocent, and Defenseless

The Mercenary Tales, #2
A BattleTech short story by Jason Hansa
E-publication: $1.99

During the years of the Star League, few mercenary units served with such honor and distinction as the Eridani Light Horse. Stalwart allies of the Star League and the ideals it stands for, the men and women of the Eighth Recon Battalion are about to have their own ideals tested on the world of Radstadt. For when an invading mercenary force assaults a massive Draconis Combine prison complex, the Light Horse warriors are faced with the choice of risking their lives to defend convicted prisoners. And while the Eridani Light Horse has never shied from a mission or a challenge, repelling the invaders will try them in ways they could never have expected…

E-publication: https://books2read.com/BattleTechInnocentandDefenseless

Mercenaries Kickstarter Preview 05 PDF

We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for this Kickstarter. Preview 05 PDF is now available–for free as always–covering the Devastator and the Schreck PPC Carrier!

Catalyst Game Labs web store: https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/battletech-mercenaries-kickstarter-preview-05