Experimental technical Readout: Royal Fantasy
It’s a Whole New World (Please Don’t Sue!)

Welcome, fight fans to the annual Solaris VII Exhibition Tournament! And do we have a special treat for you this year! We guarantee that you have never seen a combination of match-ups like these, and may never see such a thing again in your lifetime! For it is this year that, of all the contestants, from all across the Inner Sphere, we find ourselves amazed by the talents and unique rides of some of Solaris VII’s loveliest lady warriors—and what’s more, each of these deadly vixens have assembled today a mix of machines custom-designed to invoke heroes and heroines of classic folklore.

So, without further ado, we present the most astounding Exhibition Tournament week ever, which we call: “The First Solaris Royal Fantasy Bout”!

Experimental Tech Readout: Royal Fantasy Tournament offers a complete list of the custom ’Mechs and battle armor devised for a special Solaris VII series of exhibition bouts with a familiar theme. Statistics, record sheets, and even pilot bios are included for 19 unique new experimental units, ready for play in (really) advanced BattleTech games set in the arenas of the Solaris VII Game World.

Experimental Tech Readout: Royal Fantasy Tournament Free PDF (BattleCorps)
Experimental Tech Readout: Royal Fantasy Tournament Free PDF (DriveThruRPG)