The second sourcebook of the ilClan Era, Empire Alone, is now available via the Catalyst Game Labs store! It will be available through retail distribution this coming Wednesday, July 13.

Empire Alone

Book + PDF: $34.99
PDF Only: $14.99

From the new ilKhan on Terra comes word to the Wolf Empire of their Clan’s victory. With no further communication from Alaric Ward, Star Colonel Othar takes the reins of the Empire, attempting to weather the assaults of his neighbors, and ensure the ilKhan’s realm remains inviolate.

Hungrily eyeing their worlds lost to the Empire, now stripped of the Wolves’ best, factions within the Free Worlds League launch offensives across the border and risk carrying Nikol Marik into a war she may not be ready for. At her back, the Spirit Cats and Clan Sea Fox lair in their Clan Protectorate, eager to pursue their own ends.

And out among the stars, the Wolf’s Dragoons and their new commander are on the hunt…

Empire Alone is a BattleTech sourcebook providing full details of the events around the Wolf Empire and Free Worlds League from 3151 to mid-3152. Included are a full historical summary of events in those regions of space, personality and unit profiles of key players—many appearing here for the first time, and game information to bring it all to your BattleTech tabletop.

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CountersPack: BattleForce

Price: $19.99

The perfect companion to Interstellar Operations: BattleForce and essential aid for your large-scale games! CountersPack: BattleForce includes:

  • Five punchboards representing two armies of nearly eighty Unit and Command counters each.
  • Two maps that form a large Strategic BattleForce map; laminated, the back side can be used to create your own worlds.
  • The first ever published, super-sized Inner Sphere at War map (2786 & 3025)

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Premium Miniature: Timber Wolf TC

Price: $14.99

First seen during the battle of Tukayyid, the -TC Timber Wolf offered the Clans a configuration unique to this legendary battle. 

This premium variant uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted, with posable arms in ball-and-joint sockets. The shoulder sockets will accommodate the arms of future premiums in the same weight class for the ultimate kit-bashing experience.

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