Two big new products are available today, MechWarriors – don’t miss out!

Beginner Box (Vindicator Edition)



BattleTech is the world’s greatest armored combat game, filled with epic stories and gaming experiences to satiate any player: miniatures to RPG play, hobby painting to fiction, and beyond. The BattleTech Beginner Box is the first step on that fantastic journey and includes everything you need to get started: two high-quality miniatures, quick-start rules, a mapsheet, cards to represent your MechWarrior’s unique skills, dice, and more. 

Do you have what it takes to plant the banner of victory and become a legend? Leap into the action and find out!


  • 2 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures 
  • 12-page Rulebook
  • 8 wet-erase Record Sheets
  • 24 page fiction novella
  • 4-page Universe Primer
  • 4 Pilot Cards
  • One 18″ x 22″ full-color paper maps (double-sided)
  • Punchboard of additional BattleMechs and terrain
  • 2 dice

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Shrapnel #10

E-Pub: $6.99
Print-on-Demand (via Amazon): Coming Soon!



Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine hits harder than ever before, launching a double-size issue filled with more BattleMechs and star-spanning conflicts from the 31st century and beyond! Venture into the Reunification War as the Taurian Concordat fights for freedom against the relentless Star League. Wander through libraries filled with forbidden knowledge lost through centuries of constant warfare. Witness the aftermath of House Arano’s bitter civil war, and face down the infamous, unbeatable, all-black Marauder—if you dare…

In this issue, you’ll hunt for a missing DropShip in the distant Periphery, and fight for survival during the most pivotal battle in the Clan Invasion. You’ll brave the chaotic nuclear fires of the Word of Blake’s Jihad and claw your way through Draconis Combine troops threatening your family, determined to survive at any cost.

Fill your double-capacity magazine with a complete novella, technical readouts, a planet and unit digest, playable scenarios, a Clan Invasion campaign, a treatise on troublesome native wildlife, some tips for downtrodden Taurian citizens, and more—all by BattleTech veterans and the next squad of new recruits:

Tom Leveen
Jason Hansa
Lance Scarinci
Jennifer Bixby
Giles Gammage
Geoff Swift
Julian Michael Carver
Matthew Cross
Donavan Dufault
Daniel Isberner
James Lee
Harvey Roberts
Steve P. Vincent
Alayna M. Weathers
James Bixby
Étienne Charron-Willard
Alex Fauth
Joshua Franklin
Ken’ Horner
Wunji Lau
Eric Salzman
Jason Schmetzer
Tom Stanley
Joel Steverson
Stephen Toropov

Note: This purchase contains two files; an epub version for use with most e-readers, and a .mobi version for use on the Amazon Kindle.


Print-on-Demand: Coming Soon!

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