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Bushido governs all these concepts. As a MechWarrior of the Draconis Combine, Monobu Tetsuhara was bound by Bushido—a code that demands loyal service—to the devious Warlord Grieg Samsonov.

But when Minobu came upon a strange blue-and-gold Archer, the field littered with its vanquished opponents and its weapons now empty, Bushido also dictated that he not destroy the honorable but helpless warrior. And so he rescued Jaime Wolf.

Minobu was then assigned as liaison to the Wolf’s Dragoons, one of the Combine’s most elite mercenary units, who treated him with the respect due a fellow warrior. When the mercenaries refused to renew their contract with Samsonov, Minobu was indstructed to destroy them.

Now Bushido dictates that Minobu oppose his honorable foe, a man with whom he has served and who deserves far batter than betrayal…

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