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In late 3048, Kerensky’s Clans voted to invade the Inner Sphere. The leaders of Clan Wolf, staunch opponents of the invasion, immediately called for a Trial of Refusal against the vote. Desperate to prevent invasion, the Wolves faced incredible odds and the might of four opposing Clans. After the Refusal, all seventeen Clans met in a series of bitterly fought Placement Trials to determine who would spearhead the invasion. However, not all of the Clans that remained behind in Clan space were happy with the trials’ outcome. In 3049, once the invasion began in earnest, Clan Ice Hellion took matters into its own hands.

Operational Turning Points: REVIVAL Trials puts players in the middle of the most pivotal events in Clan history. Using the Turning Points PDF exclusive format, players can fight the Wolves’ iconic Trial of Refusal, vie for a coveted Operation REVIVAL invasion corridor, or wage war against their neighbor Clans.

This PDF exclusive features rules and tracks for conducting a Placement Trials campaign or tournament using Chaos Campaign rules, and it also includes two mini-campaigns: Clan Wolf’s Trial of Refusal and Clan Ice Hellion’s infamous Hellion’s Fury campaign. Also included are a historical overview of the period, a tactical guide featuring looks at all seventeen Clans, a rundown of all of the forces involved in the Placement Trials and mini-campaigns, and several tools players can use to run historical characters and battles from this time period.

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