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The Kewran Wolfhounds

As part of the Twenty-Fifth Arcturan Guard, Hauptmann Michael Guillaume’s Wolfhounds Company faces its first trial by fire on the raging battlefields of Great X.

The Pursuing Peregrines

Forged in the dawning years of the Jihad, Star Captain Ingried’s Binary of battle-hardened veterans seeks its own glory in his Clan’s latest war against the Lyran Alliance.

Starter: Fist and Falcon brings players a new and exciting way to jump into the BattleTech universe. As conflict erupts anew on the Lyran-Falcon border during the early years of the Jihad, two untested commands clash. Including the brief history and personal dossiers of the members of these two forces, this PDF provides scenarios and special rules compatible with BattleTech games using Total Warfare and A Time of War, complete with record sheets for their ’Mechs and characters alike.

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