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You've defeated your opponent across all the terrain that the BattleTech Introductory Box Set has to offer and now you want more worlds to conquer. Grab your dice and start rolling, because this product is for you!

HexPack: Lakes and Rivers is a flexible map system aid for the BattleTech game system. Designed for use in conjunction with other pre-printed mapsheets (such as those from the Introductory Box Set), the system's flexibility allows for easy modifications to existing mapsheets, increasing the enjoyment of a given scenario as players quickly change the terrain to bring new excitement to each game they play! A booklet contains two ready-to-play scenarios, which include expanded play options such as clearing woods, buildings and additional weather conditions.


• One 18" x 22" full-color gameboard-quality mapsheet, with a different map printed on either side.
• Four punch-out-and-ready-to-play gameboard-quality HexTile sheets.
• Sixteen page booklet.

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