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In December 3076, Devlin Stone marshalled the nations of the Inner Sphere and began Operation SCOUR. The two-year final push to Terra was the bloodiest fighting seen in centuries. In the end, Terra had been freed with the Word of Blake scattered to the darkest corners of the universe. Stepping into that vacuum, Stone forged a new "Terran Hegemony" in The Republic of the Sphere. With the end of the Jihad, the survivors are rebuilding their shattered armies, introducing new machines to replace those whose factories ceased to exist in the fires of the Jihad.

Technical Readout: 3085 gives a detailed look at the machines introduced during the waning days of the Jihad and into the founding days of Devlin Stone's Republic of the Sphere. This book includes the latest 'Mechs, battle armor, aerospace and vehicles as well as new late-Jihad support vehicles. In addition, this sourcebook heralds the long-awaited update of Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, featuring brand-new art and additional variants. Conventional infantry make their Technical Readout debut with fifty-six individual infantry formations from classic foot infantry to xeno-planetary soldiers. And finally, after more than twenty years of silence, Land-Air BattleMechs explode back into a Technical Readout with a look at the original four LAMs and their Star League history.

Technical Readout: 3085 Supplemental
Technical Readout: 3085 Supplemental provides details and gameplay statistics for additional infantry, battle armor, vehicles, ’Mechs, and aerospace units that debuted during the Jihad and its immediate aftermath.

Pre-filled Record Sheets
Print Record Sheets: 3085, or PDF-only Record Sheets: 3085 Unabridged — Cutting Edge, Record Sheets: 3085 Unabridged — Project Phoenix and Record Sheets: 3085 Unabridged — Old is the New New.

Master Unit List
MUL sorted by Technical Readout: 3085 units.

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