The reprint of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set has finally hit the US port and so we’re making pre-orders available immediately! As soon as it clears customs and hits our warehouse we’ll provide a Street Date for when it’ll be available to stores as well.

However, don’t forget that this isn’t just a reprint. While all the printed material is the same, we spent the time and resources to hugely increase the quality of the 24 miniatures. So while they are the same BattleMech designs, the quality increase is shockingly awesome! And to top it off, we switched out the previous Thor and Loki for the re-seen BattleMaster and of course the seminal Mad Cat! Below is a quick photo of the quality from the previous box set (top) and the new quality (bottom):


In fact, we’re so excited about having this, the best yet version of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set available again, we’re offering a limited time offer. Buy two sets and we’ll ship you a complete extra set of the plastic miniatures: that includes both the 24 miniatures as well as the on-the-sprues Mad Cat and BattleMaster.

Feel free to check out the BattleBlog that contains a pile of photos of the new contents, especially focusing on the miniatures (we’ll work on generating even more focused photos in the near future).

Time to get your heavy metal mayhem on, now with the tools to introduce all your friends!


The BattleTech Introductory Box Set thrusts you onto the battlefields of the 31st century. This box contains everything needed to play:

  • 24 unpainted, ready-to-play plastic BattleMech minis
  • 2 unpainted, premium-quality plastic BattleMech minis
  • One 12-page full-color quick-start rulebook will have players into the action in minutes
  • 36-page book of pre-generated BattleMech Record Sheets
  • One 80-page full-color rulebook
  • Inner Sphere at a Glance, a 56-page full-color book of universe
    background and BattleMech technical data
  • One 16-page full-color Painting and Tactics Guide
  • Two heavy-duty cards of compiled tables
  • Two 18″ x 24″ game-board quality maps

BattleTech Introductory Box Set Pre-order (Buy From BattleShop)

2 x BattleTech Introductory Box Set + extra miniatures set Pre-order (Buy From BattleShop)