The complete scenario for the 2019 Worldwide Event, Requiem for a Blue Star, is now available as a FREE PDF from the Catalyst Game Labs store.

After 200 years of being lost to the Inner Sphere the remains of 295th BattleMech Division was discovered in 3021. The fate of a lost Star League division could be penciled in. But for ComStar, this was not welcome news. The division was only a few jumps beyond the Inner Sphere, too far to bring the equipment back covertly, but close enough to the Lyran Commonwealth and especially the Draconis Combine to be a potential source for them. So ComStar hid them, and for 130 years the secret remained just that.

But people talk and secrets leak.

Requiem for a Blue Star was the 2019 BattleTech World Wide Event depicting the clash between Bartlett’s Boxers and La Grande Armée. This PDF-only product includes the Total Warfare and Alpha Strike scenarios as well as the final results of the event.