Author Topic: Clarification of what types of C3 computers can issue SRCS drone commands  (Read 75 times)


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Hey there! I made sure to read through the posting rules this time, so this should be a much better post than my last one.  I made sure to check the relevant errata thread and search the site and everything.

This should be a very simple question to answer too, just a yes/no answer. 

So, on pp. 134 of IO:AA, in the section describing what units can be a valid control unit for SRCS drones to recieve orders from, it says this:
Control Unit Requirements: Any unit weighing 200 tons or less in total mass must have functioning sensors and at least 3 tons of communications equipment, a C3 command computer, an improved C3 computer, or a cockpit command console, in order to act as a robotic Control Unit. Units so equipped can send 1 command to robotic units per turn for each such piece of equipment possessed (to a minimum of 1 command sent per turn). For example, a BattleMech that features both a cockpit command console and an improved C3 computer would be able to send 2 commands to friendly robotic units per turn.
It is unclear to me whether or not the "C3 Command Computer" is a C3 Master or if it could also be a C3 slave.  I assume it is a master, as drone commands require a cockpit command console or 3 tons of comms equipment otherwise, but I thought I should clarify what exactly it meant. 

It would be really cool to have every 1t C3 slave be able to issue drone commands, but that seems a little too OP. 

I suppose it could mean that integrated drone control is exclusive to C3i computers, and a C3 command computer is actually talking about an SDS system or naval C3 or something, but there isn't any page reference there and I read through the SDS rules (which are adjacent to this section) and couldn't find anything called a "C3 Command Computer" beyond naval C3. 

For now I will work on the assumption that it meant a C3 master exclusively. 

Edit: It has occured to me that a C3 emergency master might count for this.  Would a C3 emergency master be able to issue drone commands while active?
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