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A Time of War / Re: MechDragon/PenWarrior
« Last post by Dahmin_Toran on Today at 21:12:24 »
An session per year campaign through the history of the Free Worlds League from the Anton Rebellion to the Jihad would be an interesting campaign to run.
Total Warfare / Re: Infantry and Aimed Shots
« Last post by Hammer on Today at 21:12:13 »
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Nova Cat - Zombie Catgirl Extravaganza
« Last post by cmerwin on Today at 21:08:11 »
There's an AMA going on with Ray and Aaron C. on Reddit right now, I asked about the upcoming Spirit Cat Nova Cat novel. My question.

Aaron's answer.

This is excellent news! Thanks for asking the question! Glad we hopefully have something to look forward to!
Tell me about it. I've been trying for decades to figure out how troops in close-contact would be able to function with jump packs nearly the size and weight of rucksacks.

The answer is...they don't. Like old-school dragoons, or modern light infantry in an ambush, they drop them and fight conventionally and use them for semi-tactical/operational-level moves, as you say. I do wonder how loud they are, though.

Now, the grav-belts worn by Renegade Legion peds; those made sense for being able to wear them and fight in close-quarters. But that is much a higher TL than the Fringe or even the Core Worlds has available, though the rules can accept them easily enough as one wishes.
Looks like word never got out. So apologies for the ridiculously short notice.

I'll preempt and say Aaron and I have nothing to do with any Kickstarter logistics or general information, nor do we have anything to do with comms in general.

Any Inner Sphere at War updates for the new era and or new rules and conversions???
Devs had this to say about Republic Successor on tonight's AMA on reddit.

And here is his list for Southern Assault 3...

looks like Republic Successor will be some sort of Terran Hegemony army under Clan Wolf/in partnership? Given that they say they feel the Republic got done dirty, doesn't seem like this successor will just lick Alaric's boots...
#1120 - 'King is Dead' CASPAR Protocol

The 'King is Dead' protocol was established by a paranoid think tank, and programmed into the CASPAR control system on Terra.

Essentially if the life signs of the current First Lord drop to zero (i.e. the First Lord is Dead), the program creates the following lists:
1) the current Star League military on Terra, in decreasing order of seniority
2) a list of people who are subordinate to the people present in the room where the First Lord passed away, and all of their direct subordinates
3) Anyone that is on List #2 is removed from List #1, creating a 'cleaned' List #3
4) The top five people on List #3 are notified of the First Lord's death, and a video of what happened in the room for 5 minutes before and after is provided for their review.
5) If a majority of them agree that all is good, nothing happens
6) If a majority of them agree that something bad happened, the highest ranking of the group is assigned control over the CASPAR elements in the Terra system
7) If a top five member does not acknowledge receipt of the 'King is Dead' protocol, then the next on the list is contacted, aso.  (so if #3 does not respond in time, then #6 is contacted)

Imagine if this protocol had been in place when Amaris shot Richard Cameron.

Of course all it takes is one programmer forgetting to remove the First Lord from List #2, and step #3 disqualifies everyone in the Star League military.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Post Jihad destroyed Merc Commands?
« Last post by Iron Grenadier on Today at 20:06:38 »
Battle Magic and Blue Star Irregulars.
Boston Teachers Union?

 :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: raspberries in thy general direction!!!  :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
Off Topic / Re: Battletech thematic music
« Last post by kaliban on Today at 19:51:11 »
I just saw the remix for Tukayyid... I like better than the original! :)
well, in doubt I left both - AI music is very random and sometimes you get more than one good song
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