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Any Inner Sphere at War updates for the new era and or new rules and conversions???
Devs had this to say about Republic Successor on tonight's AMA on reddit.

And here is his list for Southern Assault 3...

looks like Republic Successor will be some sort of Terran Hegemony army under Clan Wolf/in partnership? Given that they say they feel the Republic got done dirty, doesn't seem like this successor will just lick Alaric's boots...

So...a force of Quislings, licking the boots of their masters but occasionally snarking.

kind of a Vichy army but without the independence.   got it.
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Off Topic / Re: Shavers, sound off
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 21:55:50 »
That's pricey imo.   
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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: My trouble with LRMs
« Last post by Prospernia on Today at 21:52:57 »
If you want to learn how to use LRM’s really effectively, take a pair (or more!) of crusader mechs next time you play.  Any variants so long as they have the classic 2 LRM racks, 2 SRM racks.  The combination of effective range bands, Amminition, and heat capacity will force you to learn how to use them effectively.  A crusader team can absolutely destroy opponents at minimal losses to themselves if used well.

My only concern isn't that like whittling away your opponents?  Five-points here, two-points there, spread out over the whole mech.  Wouldn't a few lucky large-laser shots in the same location be more effective?
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Off Topic / Re: What are we Reading Now: Conan the Librarian
« Last post by Prospernia on Today at 21:45:03 »
I only hope so.  It just feels, um, cheap to use Gladiator. Could have been worse; could have used Starz's Spartacus.
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Off Topic / Re: What did you just eat?
« Last post by Prospernia on Today at 21:18:57 »
Does that apply to all canned tomatoes, or only the ones canned in bare metal?  A lot of the better canned tomatoes here have the cans lined with plastic nowadays.

It's the acid in the tomatoes that breaks food down. If it can be neutralized, they would last longer.  So, if you have a fall-out shelter, replace the canned goods every five years or so.
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