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(Answered) Damage - base vs. special
« on: 30 July 2013, 12:52:10 »
I've started building a 3025 7th Crucis Lancers army list (to match a company I've painted), and I've run into a small problem, one that may be just me not translating over the stats right: In the General Discussion thread on AS, I'd asked about the compatibility of the cards, and got this as one of the responses:

One major change is AC, SRM and LRM (and TUR).  Previously you added these to base damage.  In the new stats in Alpha Strike, those values are already included in base damage.  So if using the old stats, remember to add the AC, SRM and LRM values.  If using the new stats, you never add them to base.

I did this with the AS7-D, the bog-standard 3025 Atlas, and got this for weapons:

Base damage: 2/2/0
LRM: 1/1/1
AC20: 2/2/0

For a grand total of 5/5/1. The AS7-K, as per the AS army list, is 3/3/3, and the AS7-RS is 3/4/1. Is this seemingly overpowered AS7-D correct, or am I going off the rails somewhere?
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Re: Am I doing this right?
« Reply #1 on: 31 July 2013, 08:42:22 »
More or less, yes you are.  The AS7-D has a stat line of 5/5/2 with special of AC(2/2/0) and LRM(1/1/1)

The AS7-K has a stat line of 3/3/3 with Overheat of 2 and the OVL special, so it can do up to 5 damage at any range.
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