Author Topic: A Couple Of Old Scenarios  (Read 1804 times)


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A Couple Of Old Scenarios
« on: 11 November 2022, 09:03:53 »
Hey hey! I managed to dig up a couple of old scenarios that I put together to play with the gang at my FLGS. I'd meant to upload these here many months back, but never got around to it. Each starts with a quick in-universe briefing or a bit of fiction, for those who like that sort of thing as well.

Note that I made these before really getting to grips with the Chaos Campaign system, and so while they are designed such that they can generally plug into a standard campaign they are not Chaos-compatible. Furthermore, as I've lost the source files to a dead hard drive I unfortunately can't tidy up the odd typo or errata within the document itself, so that will have to be done here (really the main thing is just nix the footnote in Grand Theft Omega mentioning BattleMech Manual. Don't know what possessed me to offer that as an alternative in a scenario where one side's force is over 80% infantry).

Wet Bandits
Multiple sides make a contested landing into a storm to recover a treasure trove of experimental Word of Blake technologies.
Year: 3067
Location: Clemons III
Factions: Any
Recommended Players: 2-4
Type: Free-for-All Capture-the-Salvage
Requires: Total Warfare/BattleMech Manual, Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules
Recommended Supplements: Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment
Download here!

Grand Theft Omega
The 48th Shadow Division decides to "reallocate" an Omega SHP-X4 from Terra to Gibson, but is forced to hold the line due to DropShip delays.
Year: 3078
Location: Terra
Factions: 48th WoB Shadow Div./32nd WoB Militia Div.
Recommended Players: 2
Type: Hold The Line
Requires: Total Warfare, Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment, Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras, Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents
Recommended Supplements: Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules, Jihad: Final Reckoning, Technical Readout: 3085
Download here!
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Re: A Couple Of Old Scenarios
« Reply #1 on: 11 November 2022, 21:44:08 »
Nice pieces of work, from a cursory viewing. Good, interesting options (rock storm? love it) that would bear a closer review. I look forward to reading them more thoroughly!
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