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Medical and Tech Teams
« on: 23 September 2023, 09:29:10 »
The table on page 190 of Campaign Operations gives Medical Teams base targets two or three harder than Tech Teams.  This is despite the Technician skill being the same Complexity as Surgery (Complex-Advanced, Base Target Number 9 per the table on page 142 of AToW), and MedTech is Simple-Basic (Base Target Number 7).  This would suggest the teams should have no worse than the same targets.  Even applying a Team Casualty Modifier from page 193 would only make them 1 worse.

For reference the way to get to a 10 Target Number (equivalent to a Green Medical Team) is a for a completely untrained individual with a 2 INT for MedTech, and an average person (4 INT and 4 DEX) for Surgery.  Compare this to Technician Teams, where Green Teams (TN 8) would have 1 level of skill (and no Linked Attribute penalties).

Was there a game balance reason to make Medical Teams so much worse than Tech Teams, or is it just a hangover from previous rule sets?