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I just picked up Encounters: Battletech, and read through the rules. Thought I had a grasp of it, then watched a video presenting a pre-release version at AdeptiCon, and became confused.

The core question is, what is required to successfully match dice to the Encounter Value of an encounter card?

The rules only state: "You then select one or more dice that total up to the Encounter Value displayed on the card."

My initial take when reading the rules, before watching the video was that if your dice added up to 10, but the Encounter Value was 9, you could use those dice to satisfy the 9.

But then I watched the AdeptiCon video they state that you have to match the exact value of the Encounter Value displayed on the card. In fact, someone draws a card which has a 9 as an Encounter Value, but then rolls all even numbers, so defaulted on the encounter, because they couldn't match 9 exactly.

So I read through the rules again, and I guess that "total up to the Encounter Number" is meant to indicate that you must match the Encounter Number.

The only problem is, later in the rules, "up to" is used very differently. For "Add +/- 1 or 2" it states "This allows you to adjust the die's result by up to the number on the card."

Applying this usage to the earlier instance means you can use any dice as long as they don't exceed the Encounter Value, which I'm certain isn't intended.

So, my main intent here is to clarify that the intent with the Encounter Number. It is meant to be exact, as stated in the video? While I understand how "total up to the Encounter Number" is not an inaccurate way to state that, it also is not the clearest way to do so.
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Re: Encounters: Battletech - Matching Dice to the Encounter Value
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Apologies, but the game is brand new--and was developed by outside designers--and as such we can't really offer any support for it right at this time.

Hopefully that changes in the near future.
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