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Remote Sensor Dispenser
« on: 15 April 2024, 22:06:03 »
Two assumptions regarding this equipment.

1) Each elemental headhunter point is equipped with five sensors, one for each outfit or dispenser. Each can be placed in distinct, otherwise qualified locations.

2) A unit equipped with an active probe can utilize its sensor to detect another unit, resulting in a net bonus of (+1 for indirect +3 for sensor) +4 to the shot, prior to considering the spotter's movement and any additional attack modifiers. (A unit equipped with an operational probe and LRMs would incur an identical +4 penalty while indirectly launching its own missiles.)

Are these accurate?


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Re: Remote Sensor Dispenser
« Reply #1 on: 16 April 2024, 10:19:15 »
1: Headhunter Elementals are not equipped with any remote sensors. They have Improved Sensors, which is a BA-scale version of the Active Probe.

2:  Are you talking about indirect LRM fire? Active Probes do not affect that process in any way. A remote sensor can spot for indirect fire(no probe is needed), and add a +3 modifier to the shot, on top of all other modifiers for normal indirect fire.
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Re: Remote Sensor Dispenser
« Reply #2 on: 19 April 2024, 14:08:32 »
Remote sensors are monitored by Communication Equipment , a C3 Master and or a Command Console cockpit.  I tend send out a VTOL from my Landing Zone about 2 KM out and drop a remote sensor at and between  the compass points my Naganata with a C3 Master and Command Console Cockpit  can monitor all eight  Sensors all by itself  . 

A city Command Bunker can have a whole city hardwired with romote sensors and enough Communication equipment to monitor it all . They use the information aquired by the sensors to direct forces to intercept and know which concealed recon cameras installed in bulidings to turn on to try to get a better spotting situation than the remote sensors provide .
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