As mentioned on the print Record Sheets page, Record Sheet books come in two flavors: a printed format that includes many of the more common units plus additional rules and scenarios, and a PDF format that contains an unabridged listing of all units without the additional scenarios and rules.

This section includes those unabridged PDFs, as well as additional record sheets books for other aspects of BattleTech play.

Multiple Volumes
In some instances the number of record sheets corresponding to a given Technical Readout is too large to include in a single volume. In such cases the record sheets are divided by the most appropriate theme, such as unit type or technology base; the name of each record sheet volume will clarify the theme for each volume.

The previews for each volume include the Table of Contents so players can easily find the unit they’re looking for; i.e. specifically in the case of a given Technical Readout having multiple record sheet volumes, as noted above.

Each preview includes variants of the record sheets show in the print volume’s previews (i.e. to showcase the depth of play provided by the Unabridged PDF volumes).

Missing Record Sheets
Some record sheet volumes are missing record sheets for units found in the corresponding Technical Readout; for example, at the current time all Large Craft are absent (i.e. DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips). Those PDFs will be updated when such record sheets are made available.

The Quick-Strike Rules system is a simple adaptation of the BattleForce gameplay system using more flexible tactical-scale miniature rules. While the full BattleForce rules are found in Strategic Operations, players can download a free PDF of the BattleForce Quick-Start Rules to get a feeling for that tactical game system and how it meshes with the Miniatures Rules to create the Quick-Strike Rules.

Quick-Strike Unit Cards (Record Sheets) are for use with that system.

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