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OmniMech Gallery

In the Clan Invasion, the returning descendants of the self-exiled Star League Defense Force struck at the coreward Periphery border of the Inner Sphere piloting reconfigurable BattleMechs dubbed “OmniMechs”. Descended from the SLDF’s Mercury scout ’Mech, OmniMechs can be rearmed for different battlefield conditions in far less time than the hours or days it might take skilled technicians to make even simple changes to a conventional BattleMech. These OmniMechs were equipped with weapons even more powerful and compact than the once-lost Star League technologies the Great Houses had reintroduced in the wake of the discovery of the Helm Core by the Gray Death Legion.

Produced by Chris Lewis, these CAD renderings present the sixteen most common OmniMechs of the Invasion, all originally introduced to BattleTech in FASA’s Technical Readout: 3050. More information on these ’Mechs including the full contents of these and other configurations can be found in the updated and reprinted Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade.

Size Comparisons

Gallery prepared by Moonsword using images made by Chris Lewis. This gallery uses the Colorbox
plugin by Jack Moore.