Community Play

Welcome to the Community Play page for BattleTech! Here you will find ways to access the great community of BattleTech players and the Agents that run the games in Venues all over the world. Be sure to look through the Venue and Convention links to find one near you and join in the fun.

Rules specific to certain events are found below, but Agents may also be running events locally that have different scenarios, so be sure to contact the listed Agent to find out.

Agents are fans of BattleTech who volunteer to run events and share the game with others.
If you’re interested in becoming an Agent, please go to the Catalyst Demo Team Facebook page.


Catalyst attends Origins, GenCon, and DragonCon each year, and we host competitive and casual play events at these conventions. We’re also looking at ways to expand our presence at other large conventions.

Players should pre-register for events as space is often limited. For tournament rules and convention event information click here!