Other Powers

The Great Houses, the Clans and the Periphery States are not the only entities who have played a role in the Inner Sphere’s past, present and future.

Though not exactly political organizations per se, both ComStar and its splinter groups the Word of Blake have influenced the Inner Sphere for several centuries. Their policy of neutrality has enabled them to interact with all parties while maintaining the interstellar communications network that makes a greater human society possible.

Not every state has a long or particularly happy life. The Free Rasalhague Republic, though no longer around by 3075, was an important small state during the years prior to the Clan invasion. Its recent absorption into the Ghost Bear Dominion is seen by many as the lesser of available evils.

The history of the Inner Sphere extends centuries into the past and will continue beyond the Jihad era. The Republic of the Sphere is a state that will come into being after the end of the war in 3081 and represents a fundamental shift in the balance of power among the older states.

In the pages that follow, you can read about the various other powers of the Inner Sphere, their trials and tribulations, the movers and shakers who drive them to glory or tragedy, the fabled military units and powerful corporations who provide the backdrop against which so many stories are told. Each page contains profiles of important personalities, units and companies, as well as suggested readings to give you a feel for the flavor and history of that faction.