Lyran Alliance
(House Steiner)

As of 3075

Archon Adam Steiner
Constitutional Monarchy
(with German feudal stylings)
Capital (City, World)
Tharkad City, Tharkad
Dominant Language(s)
English (official)
German (official)
Scottish Gaelic
Dominant Religion(s)
Christianity (Protestant)
Inhabited Worlds
Founding Year

Lyran Alliance (3067)

As of 3067
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Lyran Alliance

Originally known as the Lyran Commonwealth, House Steiner’s Lyran Alliance is widely recognized as a nation of merchants and industrialists first, and warriors a distant second. Settled and dominated by predominantly Germanic and Scottish cultures, and ruled by the Steiner family through a combination of political intrigue and brute economic force, the Lyran state is united in the pursuit of status and wealth.

Often on the defensive in the Succession Wars, House Steiner’s peace initiatives sparked the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, but when the Clans invaded, the Lyran half of that alliance suffered the bulk of their assault. The strain of this event and others led to the sundering of the Federated Commonwealth, the birth of the Lyran Alliance, and the eruption of the FedCom Civil War. In the wake of that conflict, the battered Alliance hoped to reclaim its lost glories under a new Archon, only to see the start of the Word of Blake Jihad firsthand with a surprise assault on their own capital world of Tharkad.

Like the Federated Suns, the Lyran state enjoys an open market economy that boasts centuries of stability and success, boosted by the presence of some of the Inner Sphere’s most industrialized worlds. Although the reforms of the Federated Commonwealth era improved Lyran martial prowess, the influence of the socalled “social generals” and widespread confidence in “bigger equals better” firepower has returned House Steiner’s realm to a time when it was widely seen as militarily inept. Indeed, the Lyran solution to most problems is typically negotiation, barter, or covert action—but with their resources and wealth, the armies of House Steiner can often field heavier and more numerous forces than their enemies, producing a virtual wall of steel against an enemy advance.

For the continuing story of the Lyran Alliance, see Jihad: Final Reckoning


During the long history of House Steiner many interesting and unique individuals have made the Lyran Alliance what it is today. Below are just a few of the movers and shakers who have had an influence on the Alliance’s character.

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Adam Steiner

Archon of the Lyran Alliance, 3073– 
3024 (51 in 3075)

Not many Inner Sphere rulers can boast that they were once the subject of an animated propaganda vid series, but Adam Steiner is certainly amongst their number. First rising to prominence during the early days of the Clan invasion, Adam hails from a distant branch of the Steiner dynasty and called the far-off world of Somerset home. After his successes in the war, he steadily rose through the ranks until he was appointed General of the Armies just before the outbreak of the Word of Blake Jihad.

With Archon Peter Steiner-Davion trapped on Tharkad by the Blakist occupation, Adam took a lead role in holding the Lyran nation together. When Archon Peter fell to an assassin’s attack, Adam was his chosen successor and the one-time media star found himself

Melissa Steiner-Davion

Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, 3040–3055

Those who would dismiss Melissa Steiner-Davion as nothing more than a political pawn in the alliance between the Commonwealth and the Federated Suns don’t know her very well. Though her marriage to First Prince Hanse Davion began as a political alliance, it quickly became just as much a union of love as dynastic maneuvering. Already beloved by her own Lyran people as the only child of Archon Katrina, Melissa soon endeared herself to the people of the Federated Suns as well and often functioned as a compassionate leavening to her husband’s plans.

Melissa gave birth to five children who would grow up to have major impact on the Inner Sphere: Victor, Katherine, Peter, Arthur and Yvonne. Tragically, Melissa fell victim to her own daughter Katherine’s ambitions and died by an assassin’s hand.

Katrina Steiner

Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, 3007–3039

Seizing the throne from her unpopular uncle Alessandro, Katrina Steiner set out to strengthen the Lyran nation by any means necessary. Her 3022 Peace Proposal set the stage for the marriage of her daughter Melissa and the Federated Suns’ Hanse Davion, which in turn led to the Fourth Succession War. As a result of this war, her economically powerful realm became joined to the military might of the Davions and the Federated Commonwealth reshaped the map.

Katrina never remarried after the death of her beloved husband in 3010 and, tired of war and suffering from cancer, she retired just before the 3039 conflict with the Draconis Combine to spend time with her grandchildren. She died peacefully in her sleep a year later, one of the most beloved Archons to ever reign over the Lyran people.

Viola Steiner-Dineson

Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, 2570–2596

Archon Viola inherited the throne from her mother Tracial just in time to sign the Star League Accords and bring her nation into the new alliance. Though she had enjoyed a promising career in the LCAF, Viola found herself initially opposed to war on the Periphery States, only gradually coming around to see the benefits of the conflict. Once the war began, she took direct command of her troops and personally led them against Rim Worlds Republic forces. Unfortunately, her long absences from Tharkad led to political instability in her realm and her heavy-handed methods of dealing with the issue caused much resentment among the people and her own family. Viola died in the field on the Republic capital world of Apollo, exposing herself to the same risks she asked of every one of her soldiers.

Military Commands

The strength of a nation can be measured in the quality of its military and the men and women of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces are one of House Steiner’s most important assets. Below are just a few of the iconic units that have defended the Alliance from its enemies for centuries.

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Third Lyran Guards

The Lyran Guards are the heart of the Steiner military. The best of the best were handselected for this elite group of units, and only the best commanders were allowed to take them to battle. Only those loyal to the state could hope to find a place in their ranks. Unfortunately for the Alliance, the Guards have seen more battles than they could take.

Spearheading the liberation of Tharkad were the Third Lyran Guards. Guns blazing, they stormed the remainders of the Triad and obliterated any and all Blakist units that got in their way. Their ruthless fighting with no respect for their own lives or those of their enemies was honored by Adam Steiner with a new nickname for the unit—“The Avenging Ghosts.”

Seventh Donegal Guards

The Donegal Guards, like no other arm of the Steiner military, stand for loyalty to the Archon. So when the FedCom Civil War began, they all sided with Katherine Steiner- Davion—and paid dearly. The Jihad began before they were able to finish rebuilding efforts, and the Donegal Guards found themselves in the middle of war again.

The Seventh Donegal took part in the very successful attack on Coventry to liberate the world from the Word of Blake. The campaign ended in only four days, and the Guards took minor casualties. Since that time, they have guarded the world in anticipation of further attacks by the Word.

Twentieth Arcturan Guards

The Arcturan Guards have a proud history, and they are as old as the Lyran Commonwealth itself. Founded when Arcturus was still was the capital of the Lyran Commonwealth, the Guards fought in almost every major campaign in which the Commonwealth was ever involved.

The Twentieth Arcturan was heavily involved in the offensive that finally liberated Tharkad. The campaign was successful, Tharkad was free again, and the Twentieth sent to Atocongo to rest and regenerate. Unfortunately for them, the Word of Blake was out for revenge and sent a Shadow Division after them. When the Fiftieth Shadow retreated, the Twentieth were all but wiped out, with more than seventy-five percent losses in equipment and more than half of the men dead.


To support its policies and goals, the Lyran Alliance relies on a network of corporations to manufacture everything from consumer goods to computer equipment to military hardware. Below are just a few of the industrial leaders that create the infrastructure of Lyran society.

For more information on Lyran industry, see:

Defiance Industries

Defiance finds itself in a situation it has never had to deal with: rebuilding. Attacks on Hesperus II have damaged parts of the massive complex of factories there, even shutting down entire lines, but never has it been under enemy control. The liberation of Hesperus resulted in immense damage, and spoiler attacks by the fleeing Blakist forces only exacerbated the situation, levying an economic toll. The biggest question about Defiance’s long-term prospects is a question of ownership. While the Brewers will undoubtedly be in charge, the fluctuation in stock prices might change the makeup of the board and the various alliances that keep Defiance going.

Coventry Metal Works

No other major corporation in the Alliance has as many questions as Coventry Metal Works. Formerly the number two producer of BattleMechs in the Alliance, they felt sure they would emerge from the shadow of Defiance Industries when the Blakists conquered Hesperus II . However, perhaps their advertising campaign celebrating their new status as “Number One” should have been rethought, as karma brought them to the reality of the Jihad when Blakist forces invaded Coventry. While other companies limped along, CMW saw their headquarters turn into a Blakist staging area, their lines producing ’Mechs for an enemy that occupied their facility, while their cash reserves evaporated since they had no other facilities to provide cash flow.

By all means, the company should be bankrupt, but given the extenuating circumstances and the long history it has with the Lyrans, the government will likely come to CMW’s rescue in one way or another. While repairing Coventry’s facilities is paramount, repairing the corporation’s credit and reputation are needed for CMW to produce at their customary levels

Nashan Diversified

Ask a Lyran soldier what the biggest company in the Lyran Alliance is and he’d probably guess Defiance. He’d be wrong, by a long shot. Nashan is to Defiance what the Lyran Alliance is to the Marian Hegemony. With a multitude of divisions, this conglomerate has their fingers in almost every industry. The recent occupation of Lyran planets by foreign armies has impacted their sales somewhat, as has cutting off certain markets, but Nashan has managed to ride out the troubled times better than most other companies. CEO Margaret Doons has moved resources around and pumped cash into other ventures, and her company’s stock price has actually increased.