Plenty of Room at the Hotel California (April Fool’s Day 2023)

PDF Only: $4.99

This Could be Heaven, or this Could be Hell

Rimward of the Inner Sphere, far beyond reach or relevance to the major Houses and Clans who battle each other even now, lies a nebula long thought to be mundane, […]

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Launching at Adepticon near Chicago, Ill., there is a ton of news surrounding this project. Back the Kickstarter starting Thursday, March 23 at 10 a.m. CDT at

At funding:

All backers at Recruit level and above will receive a link to the Night at the Lake short story by Michael Stackpole, […]

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The launch of the Mercenaries Kickstarter live from Adepticon is almost here…are you ready??

We wanted to provide everyone with one final reminder of how to tune in to the livestream from Adepticon, the schedule for the broadcast, a list of the Launch Parties happening worldwide, and the full schedule for the Catalyst Demo Team […]

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It’s a huge day of news with new previews to share, new releases for sale, and details on the livestream from the floor of Adepticon later this month. Let’s get to it!

Mercenaries Kickstarter Preview #7, New T-Shirts and Fiction

We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for […]

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As we’ve been beating the drums for several months proclaiming, the Mercenaries Kickstarter launches on March 23, live from AdeptiCon! We’ll be live streaming during the initial launch of the Kickstarter and throughout the entire show. We’ll have a calendar of the interviews, round-table discussions, and actual-play scenarios on the stream to share with you […]

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We have some news to share from several fronts, including the latest Mercenaries Kickstarter preview and new fiction for you!

Mercenaries Kickstarter Preview #6

We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for this Kickstarter. Preview 06 PDF is now available–for free as always–covering the Starslayer and the Galleon light tank!

Catalyst Game […]

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Today marks a momentous day, MechWarriors, as we celebrate the successful conclusion of the BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan series.

Since the release of the first volume back in June 2020, the “RecGuides” have become a much-anticipated and best-selling addition to the BattleTech line, updating Classic ‘Mechs and launching all-new designs while providing a steady […]

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We’ve got more mercenary hype on hand for you today, with the next batch of products available ahead of the upcoming launch of our Mercenaries Kickstarter!

This round features the much-beloved Eridani Light Horse, along with some Star League swag. Plus, new fiction featuring both factions, and the next installment of our Kickstarter campaign […]

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BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan, Vol. 31

PDF: $3.99

The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some war machines never die. This PDF-only series includes brand-new BattleMechs and OmniMechs, alongside Classic ’Mechs and combat vehicles from both the Inner Sphere and the Clans rebuilt with the latest technology to keep them competitive on […]

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Lethal Lesson

A BattleTech novella by Daniel Isberner
Price $2.99


Clan Wolf has gone to claim Terra to fulfill the promise made by Aleksandr Kerensky centuries ago. But for those left behind, their story is a very different one…

Star Captain Jacinda of Clan Wolf Is one such warrior. Stuck on Campbelton in […]

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