Some exciting new releases are available today – let’s get to it, MechWarriors!

Hammerhead Premium Miniature

Price: $14.99


It’s time to come together for one of our own. One of the owner/operators of Iron Wind Metals, a BattleTech licensed product line since the FASA days, has been diagnosed […]

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Whether you’re looking for new fiction, some new battlefields, or something a little less…serious…we’ve got it for you, available now!

Redemption Rites

A BattleTech novel by Jason Schmetzer
E-publication: $6.99
Print-on-Demand: Coming Soon!

In 3151 four-fifths of Wolf’s Dragoons listened to the honeyed words of Marotta Kerensky and followed Alaric Ward to Terra. There, they helped him […]

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Happy Friday, MechWarriors! We’ve got a huge update for you today, starting with significant restocks of a few of our products.

Back in the Catalyst Game Labs web store and available again through retail distribution are:

A Game of Armored Combat box setClan Invasion box setAlpha Strike Succession Wars cardsAlpha Strike Clan Invasion cardsTotal Warfare […]

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PsuedoTech: Arcade Operations

PDF: $2.99
Print on Demand: Coming Soon, via DriveThruRPG

Ready Warrior One!

So, you call yourself an “Elite MechWarrior,” huh? What’s your top score in Grand ’Mech Melee, huh? Your longest chain in Tankertris? Have you ever beaten the Stinger Challenge? Where’s your Legendary Duelist medal? Bet you can’t even […]

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Craig Gulledge, the executive officer of the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team and a longtime, beloved presence in the BattleTech community, died suddenly on Thursday, March 17. He was 53.

Craig was a visible and enthusiastic presence in BattleTech circles, especially at the Demo Team tables during large conventions including Origins and Gen […]

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We’re pleased to bring you the last two volumes in the cycle of vintage-cover reprints of the BattleTech core rulebooks, plus new fiction and a new installment of Shrapnel!

Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras

Print+PDF: $44.99
PDF Only: $14.99

Primitive Units. QuadVees. Superheavy ’Mechs. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Robotic and Drone Systems. Land-Air BattleMechs.

As […]

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BattleTech at Adepticon

Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Demo Team will be out in full force at Adepticon 2022, happening March 23 to 27 in Schaumberg, Ill. Stop by and play a game of BattleTech, or check out some of our latest and greatest products.

Available in very small numbers will be […]

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Shipping Price Update

On Friday, we received reports of wildly fluctuating shipping prices on our web store, We are doing work on this area, trying to more accurately predict shipping costs to save everyone money. This caused a wild spike in small package costs this morning. It should now be corrected, but please […]

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In 2021, Catalyst ran production and marketing tests of premium BattleMech figures, producing the Tukayyid variants of the Black Knight and the Stormcrow. Only a few hundred of these were ever offered for sale.

Now, thanks to our friends at Monster Fight Club, we are taking this to the next level.

Available now is the Wolfhound IIC. A Clan-rebuild of […]

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We’ve got a raft of reprints of our core BattleTech rulebooks back in stock today, including some with never-before-seen covers, and all featuring updated, corrected errata.

Total Warfare

(Ninth Printing – Updated Errata)

Print+PDF: $39.99
PDF only: $14.99


It is the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across human-occupied space. […]

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