Jihad (3068–3080)

Following the Federated Commonwealth Civil War, the leaders of the Great Houses meet and disband the new Star League, declaring it a sham. The pseudo-religious Word of Blake—a splinter group of ComStar, the protectors and controllers of interstellar communication—launch the Jihad: an interstellar war that will ultimately pit every faction against each other and even against themselves, as weapons of mass destruction are used for the first time in centuries while new and frightening technologies are likewise unleashed.

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Word of Blake attacks Luthien and Tukayyid. Theodore Kurita falls into a coma. Alleged Free Worlds League forces attack Skye, sparking a war between Skye (and eventually Bolan) and the League. ComStar invades Terran system but defeated in massive loss. Survivors rescued from Outreach. Solaris VII occupied by Blakist forces. Duke George Hasek invades Capellan Confederation. Sian bombarded from orbit; Sun-Tzu Liao reported dead. Jade Falcons invade Lyran Commonwealth. Contact with Canopus lost. Blakists attack Atreus, using chemical attacks on the defenders. The false Thomas Marik and Anastasius Focht’s true identity are publicly exposed by Word of Blake. At the same time, Primus Sharilar Mori is revealed as a Kurita spy and is then assassinated by her assistant.
Capellan Confederation counterinvades the Federated Suns. Alarion and Galax poisoned during Blakist assaults. Clan Snow Raven invades several Draconis Combine worlds. Infighting among Free Worlds League forces. Galedon bombarded by Snow Raven fleet; plague spreads across world. Kirc Cameron-Jones of Regulus declares himself Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. The false Thomas Marik deposed as Captain-General by a pro-Blakist faction. Ceasefire between League and Lyran forces. Andurien invades several Capellan worlds.
Theodore Kurita dies and is succeeded by his son Hohiro. Capellan ceasefire with Federated Suns. Word of Blake occupies Hesperus II. War between Taurian Concordat and Calderon Protectorate. Duke George Hasek assassinated. Clan Ghost Bear takes first steps towards merging with Free Rasalhague Republic. Sun-Tzu Liao marries Naomi Centrella. Free Capella dissolves. Clan Hell’s Horses invades Inner Sphere Clan Occupation Zones. The Scouring of Tamar.
Daoshen Liao(-Centrella) born. Devastating asteroid strike on Arkab. Clan Hell’s Horses invades Wolf OZ. Democracy Now movement flares up in Lyran space. Devlin Stone escapes from a Blakist camp on Kittery. Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon enter truce with Lyran Commonwealth. Clan Ice Hellion invades Jade Falcon OZ. Capital city of Marian Hegemony depopulated by neutron bombs. ComStar evicted from Free Rasalhague Republic. Peter Steiner-Davion abdicates the Archonship to Adam Steiner. Outworlds Alliance capital city destroyed by terrorist nukes. Duchy of Tamarind secedes from Free Worlds League. Solaris VII freed from Blakist domination.
Tharkad liberated; Peter Steiner-Davion reclaims Archonship. Donegal liberated. Filtvelt Coalition secedes from Federated Suns. Ice Hellion invasion shattered by Jade Falcons and Hell’s Horses. Devlin Stone forms Kittery Prefecture. Night of Fire on Regulus. Democracy Now movement unveils its own army. Word of Blake occupies Galatea.
Arc-Royal Summit disrupted by Blakist bombing. Purge of Black Dragons in Draconis Combine. Third Battle of New Avalon. Malagrotta Cooperative secedes from Federated Suns. Devlin Stone sets up his headquarters on Tukayyid. Regulan assault on Gibson eradicated. Victor Steiner-Davion meets with Devlin Stone and convinces other powers to join the growing coalition. Peter Steiner-Davion assassinated; Adam Steiner becomes Archon.
Ruins of Gabriel assaulted. Blakist attack on Sian fails due to Thuggee betrayal. Radstadt poisoned by Blakist bioweapons. Coventry liberated. Capital city of Taurian Concordat destroyed by multiple asteroid strikes. Taurian invasion of Federated Suns renewed. Word of Blake assaults Skye but repulsed by coalition forces. New Avalon abandoned by Blakist occupiers. Ghost Bear forces liberate Luthien and Pesht. Hesperus II liberated by coalition forces.
Blake Documents released by Chandrasekhar Kurita. Hansen’s Roughriders launches deep raid against Taurians. Democracy Now movement begins terrorist campaign. Rim Commonality secedes from Free Worlds League. Non-aggression pact between Capellans, Canopians and Andurien. Tikonov liberated by local rebellion. Capellans begin throwing nukes against Blakist occupiers. Canopus IV liberated. Democracy Now movement broken and leaders captured. Clan Ghost Bear begins campaign against Word of Blake. Malagrotta taken over by pirates from Tortuga. Irian liberated by resistance forces.
Galatea liberated by Stone’s coalition. Chandrasekhar Kurita assassinated by Blakist special operatives. Clan Snow Raven contributes WarShips to support Stone. Coalition scouts infiltrate Blake Protectorate. Devlin Stone fails to win Capellan participation in his coalition. Diamond Sharks take possession of Tukayyid. Two KungsArmé units mutiny against Ghost Bear rule.