From the moment Decision at Thunder Rift published in 1986, novels have consistently proven the best way to convey the fantastic stories that have kept fans coming back to the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe for three decades. What’s more a host of players across the years have found the joy that comes from reading a gripping story they can then attempt to re-create on their own gaming table, or re-experience through one of the dozen of computer games touching on many of those same epic stories. A host of amazing authors have brought more than a hundred novels to publication, covering every era of BattleTech.

While new, original fiction is now publishing in electronic format (see Blitzkrieg), the entire back catalog of print classic BattleTech novels is making its way to epublication. A half a dozen are available, with more on the way!

Chronological Order by Era
The fiction epubs on this page are presented in chronological order. The image links for all epubs at the start of the page are also divided by Era to further aid in navigation.

Epub Fiction List
For a different way to search for the epub fiction you’re looking for, check out this list.

Which E-reader?
All sales through either BattleShop or DriveThruRPG of fiction epubs are a zip file containing both .epub and .mobi files, so you can read your favorite BattleTech fiction on any ereader.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo
While each epub page below contains specific links to multiple e-pub venders, Amazon and Barnes and Noble also carries all the e-pubs found on this page.

What’s Blitzkrieg?
Blitzkrieg are all new short novels opening the gates to tackling some of the biggest BattleTech stories yet to be explored in this fashion. For more details, see the BLITZKRIEG: What’s It All About? blog post.

Another great source for fiction is BattleCorps, the only online official short fiction publication for BattleTech. With over a million words of fiction available, this fiction subscription website contains a legion of stories across every faction and Era. Some of the fiction from that website is available as E-pubs below.

Out-of-Print Vs. E-pub
While the Fiction page contains those books currently available in-print, this page contains epubs of both brand new fiction only available in electronic format, as well as novels whose print books are long out-of-print.

Unlike older sourcebooks/rulebooks that are out-of-print in book format, since fiction is rarely superseded by new works (unlike said sourcebooks/rulebooks), the epubs of those novels are found here as opposed to the Out-Of-Print section.






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