Clan Wolf

As of 3075

Khan Vlad Ward
(Caste-driven, Warrior-dominant hierarchy)
Capital (City, World)
Essen, Weingarten
Dominant Language(s)
English (official)
Dominant Religion(s)
Inhabited Systems
Founding Year

Clan Wolf

Unique among the Clans, the Wolves have and yet do not have a long and glorious history. They are Crusaders and Wardens. They are the oldest Clan, and the newest. Shattered in the aftermath of the Refusal War, the Clan exists as two separate entities: the Crusaders under Khan Vladimir Ward, and the Wardens under Khan Phelan Kell. The two Wolf Clans share a common history, but are otherwise very different.

Barely surviving the Refusal War fought against Clan Jade Falcon in the late 3050s, Clan Wolf was reborn under the leadership of Vlad Ward and promptly reclaimed its position as one of the leading Clans. The Wolves kept a relatively low profile for the next decade or so, mainly concentrating on rebuilding their forces and making opportunistic attacks on their neighbors. In the early years of the Jihad, a nuclear assault on their capital by the Word of Blake drew them into the larger arena of the Inner Sphere and drove home the need to work with allies.

Since agreeing to joint operations with Devlin Stone’s Coalition, Vlad’s Wolves have proven that they are every bit as fierce and deadly as their namesake totem animal. Despite the presence of several nominal enemies among the Coalition’s forces, the Wolves continue to demonstrate that they are a force to be reckoned with now and in the future.

For the continuing story of Clan Wolf, see Jihad: Final Reckoning


During the long history of the Clans many interesting and unique individuals have made Clan Wolf what it is today. Below are just a few of the movers and shakers who have had an influence on the Wolves’ character.

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Vlad Ward

Khan of Clan Wolf, 3058– 
3026 (49 in 3075)

Vlad Ward is perhaps the only man alive besides Nicholas Kerensky himself who can claim to have birthed a Clan by sheer force of will. A mere Star Captain at the time of the Refusal War, he was nonetheless one of the primary instigators of the conflict that saw Clan Wolf fight for its very survival against the Jade Falcons. In the aftermath, when the remaining Wolves had been absorbed by the Falcons, only Vlad was true to his nature as a Wolf and he fought tooth and nail to resurrect his Clan. His success gained him the undying loyalty of his people and the rank of Khan.

Despite an intense hatred of the Inner Sphere, Vlad is a pragmatic man and has recognized the value in working with allies, including some who were recently enemies. His Wolves have begun to work alongside Devlin Stone’s Coalition but no one has any illusions that once the Blakist threat is over Vlad will once more advance the fortunes of Clan Wolf.

Natasha Kerensky

Khan of Clan Wolf, 3051–3057

Decades before the Inner Sphere had heard of Kerensky’s Clans, the name of Natasha Kerensky inspired fear and awe across known space. As part of the Wolf Dragoons recon mission sent by the Clans in preparation for a full-scale invasion, she spent nearly five decades as one of the deadliest mercenary MechWarriors in history. Known as the Black Widow for both her skills and her preferred insignia, she became the stuff of legends.

When the Clans finally invaded in 3050, the Inner Sphere learned the truth. Natasha returned to the Clans bearing information gathered by the Dragoons but not with the intent of aiding the invasion; the Dragoons had long since turned their backs on their heritage and hoped to protect the worlds they now called home. Despite her advanced age, Natasha was elected as one of the Wolf Khans and led her Clan in battle, maintaining the Wolves’ leadership position so that she and her allies could better direct the Clans and stop the invasion.

Natasha died in the Refusal War, fighting for the survival of the Wolves one last time against the Clan Jade Falcon.

Ulric Kerensky

ilKhan of the Clans, 3051–3057

Ulric Kerensky was known as much for his political skills as his abilities in a BattleMech and at times it seemed like every aspect of his life consisted of one maneuver after another. Whereas most Clanners eagerly fight for every available Bloodname, Ulric waited until a prestigious Kerensky lineage opened up rather than accept a lesser honor. As the protege of Khan Kerlin Ward, he had a front row seat to the scheming of the Grand Council that prepared him for his own election as Khan in 3029.

As a staunch Warden, Ulric opposed the invasion of the Inner Sphere but was outvoted by the other Clans. With Clan Wolf forced to participate due to their status as Kerensky’s Clan, Ulric and his allies drove their Clan to excel so that they could maintain a leadership position amongst their fellows and find a way to stop the crusade. His election as ilKhan in 3051 was meant by the other Clans to tie his hands but with the help of Natasha Kerensky and the Spheroid adoptee Phelan Kell, he manipulated the Clans into the battle of Tukayyid. The humiliating loss there granted the Inner Sphere fifteen years of peace to prepare for the future.

Ulric fell from power due to machinations by the Crusader faction of his own Clan, but even to the end he manipulated events to his benefit. Personally leading the Crusader Wolves against the Jade Falcons, he tried to weaken their strength while at the same time ordering the Warden Wolves to flee to the Inner Sphere and defend against future invasions.

Jerome Winson

Khan of Clan Wolf, 2810–2834; ilKhan of the Clans, 2834–2851

Born on Gallery in the Lyran Commonwealth, Jerome Winson’s mix of intelligence and athleticism fast-tracked him through the personnel-strapped SLDF as it fought its long war against Stefan Amaris. By the early 2780s, he had risen to the rank of major and secured a post on Kerensky’s staff. Because of his association with the General, he remained close to Kerensky’s sons during the Exodus and the early years in the Pentagon. In many regards a surrogate elder brother to Nicholas and Andery, Jerome found himself enmeshed by Nicholas’ charisma and there was little doubt that he would follow the younger Kerensky to Strana Mechty.

Calm and thoughtful, but decisive when the need arose, Jerome was a superlative Khan and under his leadership the Wolves became one of only two Clans to fight on multiple worlds during Operation KLONDIKE. When Nicholas was slain by the Widowmakers, Winson was the natural candidate to succeed him and it was under his steady hand that the Clans entered their Golden Century.

Military Commands

The core strength of any Clan is its warrior caste and the men and women of the Wolf touman continually strive to prove why their Clan deserves to rule a reborn Star League. Below are just a few of the iconic commands that have preserved the ideals of Kerensky for over three hundred years.

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Alpha Galaxy

Alpha was badly hurt during the scouring of Tamar. Almost the entire Golden Keshik and First Wolf Assault Cluster were wiped out by the nuclear attacks, leaving the Wolf Spirits badly understrength. Since then the Wolves have been working to rebuild their premiere Galaxy—though it has not been easy since their access to Inner Sphere BattleMechs has been interrupted. Since the scouring of Tamar, Alpha Galaxy has been redeployed to Weingarten to protect the new capital. Khan Ward has been rotating Alpha’s newer clusters in and out of the frontlines to give them combat experience.

Delta Galaxy

Delta Galaxy has been deployed along the Ghost Bear border on Ferleiten, Kandis, Memmingen, and Thannhausen. As is the case with Beta, Khan Vlad Ward is considering whether or not to redeploy some of the Snarling Wolves in the face of the Bears’ concentration on other things. Unlike Katya Kerensky and Dirk Radick, Vlad Ward is not interested in working with Devlin Stone. Wolves do not submit their will to others—that is the behavior of dogs. But if Vlad has to work with Stone’s Coalition, Delta will be a likely candidate.

Omega Galaxy

Under Khan Ward, Omega Galaxy has become a dumping ground for Wardens. This became clear when the overwhelmingly Warden Eleventh Battle Cluster commanded by Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker was transferred out of Beta Galaxy. Other Warden warriors were plucked from numerous other units and used to fill in two understrength clusters. Omega was assigned to defend the coreward Wolf border. They were there when the Horses came calling. The Warden Horses conducted Harvest Trials, absorbing Omega Galaxy into their ranks. Only the Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers resisted the Horses. Ironically, Khan Ward’s Crusader inflexibility opened the door for Clan Hell’s Horses—maybe the most dangerous threat the Wolves face.