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Coming Releases

The following BattleTech books and game aids are on the upcoming schedule. If it is an e-book only release, it is noted in brackets. As covers become available, they’re added to this page.

Several previously announced products are not on this list. Any product not listed below isn’t currently in the production pipeline and its release is not on the immediate horizon.

When details concerning street dates and reviews are available, those will be posted to the front page. In no particular release order:

Boxed Sets

Release Date: TBD

These two new box sets are your first steps into the world’s greatest armored combat game and include everything you need to get started. Existing players will enjoy all-new content including map sheets, fiction, and of course, ´Mechs!

Beginner Box ($19.99)
A ready-to-play starter set, perfect for someone who’s just finished their first BattleTech demo and is ready for more action.


  • 2 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures:
    • Griffin
    • Wolverine
  • 24-page Quick Start Rulebook
  • 8 Quick Start Record Sheets
  • 48 page fiction novella by William H. Keith, Jr., a prequel to the Gray Death Legion saga featuring Carlyle’s Commandos and Durant Carlyle; only available in the Beginner Box.
  • 4-page Instant Guide to the Inner Sphere
  • 4 Pilot Cards
  • One all-new 18″ x 22″ full-color paper map (hexed, double-sided)
  • Punchboard of additional BattleMechs
  • 2 dice

A Game of Armored Combat ($59.99)
The classic BattleTech boxed set, reimagined from the ground up and full of exciting new material and miniatures!


  • 8 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures:
    • Awesome
    • BattleMaster
    • Catapult
    • Commando
    • Locust
    • Shadow Hawk
    • Thunderbolt
    • Wolverine
  • 48-page Rulebook
  • 16-page Record Sheet Booklet
  • 48 page fiction novella by William H. Keith, Jr., a prequel to the Gray Death Legion saga featuring Carlyle’s Commandos and Durant Carlyle; only available in the A Game of Armored Combat box.
  • 16-page Universe Primer
  • 8 Pilot Cards
  • 8 Alpha Strike Cards
  • 2 heavy-stock reference sheets
  • Two all-new 18” x 22” full-color paper maps (hexed, double-sided)
  • Punchboard of additional BattleMechs and terrain
  • 2 dice

Shattered Fortress

Release Date: 2018

Kicking off the climactic ilClan storyline, Shattered Fortress sets the stage for the titanic clashes to come. As the nations and Clans of the Inner Sphere struggle for survival, the Republic of the Sphere and awakened Exarch Devlin Stone face enemies at their doorstep. Will the Dark Age give way to a new dawn — or an endless nightmare? The epic story begins here!

PDF-only Products

Release Date: 3rd Quarter 2018

A new wave of releases for the Touring the Stars, Spotlight On, and Turning Points series is on the horizon, with the previously announced Opposing Forces and Milestones lines still in development.

In addition, the Brush Wars series will find new life as the over-arching connection between all of the PDF-only lines. Each Brush Wars product will offer an expanded historical narrative on a little-seen conflict across all eras of BattleTech, from the Star League to ilClan and beyond. New entries of the established PDF lines will further flesh out each conflict, and each full “season” of products will eventually be available as a print-on-demand sourcebook. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting development!


Print on Demand

Release Date: Late 2018

A new series of exclusive Print-on-Demand (POD) sourcebooks will kick off with Capital Punishment, a collection of all Jihad Turning Points involving the Great Houses’ capital worlds.


Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition

Release Date: Summer 2018

This new edition of the Alpha Strike rules fully revises and updates the original Alpha Strike rulebook, including improvements and optional rules from the Alpha Strike Companion.

Technical Readout: Clan Invasion
Release Date: 4th Quarter 2018

A small skirmish on a little-known planetoid called The Rock in 3049 was the first warning that the invasion had arrived. The Clans, genetically engineered warriors piloting cutting-edge OmniMechs, spent the next three years tearing through the Inner Sphere’s elite, claiming world after world in a seemingly endless campaign of conquest. Only a desperate, final stand against the combined might of the Clans could deny the invaders their glittering prize: Terra itself.

Technical Readout: Clan Invasion is a companion to the BattleMech Manual and the follow-up to Technical Readout: Succession Wars. Combining ‘Mechs previously detailed in Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3060, and Technical Readout: 3067, this volume includes the unequaled Clan OmniMechs and upgraded Inner Sphere ‘Mechs fielding technology unlocked by the Helm Memory Core. Each machine is illustrated in detail, and accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, and game stats, along with their most famous pilots.

Core Book Reprints

Release Date: PDFs of Total WarfareTechManual, and Tactical Operations are available now. Print copies of Total Warfare have a street date of August 22, 2018.

Reprints of every BattleTech core rulebook are on the way, beginning with Total Warfare this summer and including TechManual, Tactical Operations, and Strategic Operations.


Map Packs

Release Date: 2018 for first Map Pack; additional Map Packs to follow

Six all-new maps, designed to be easier to use and clearer to understand than ever before.



New BattleTech fiction is in the works throughout 2018 for both print and e-book formats, including:

  • Blaine Lee Pardoe returns to the BattleTech universe with Forever Faithful, an epic story spanning the Twilight of the Clans through the Dark Age and beyond!
  • Jason Schmetzer’s novel Embers of War will receive a wide release.
  • The long-awaited general release of BattleCorps Anthology Vol. 6: Front Lines
  • Jennifer Brozek, award-winning author of The Nellus Academy Incident, returns with Rogue Academy, a character-driven, action-filled young adult trilogy exploring the tumultuous aftermath of the Age of Destruction.
  • New print-on-demand entries in the BattleTech Legends series will be available, with an eye on making the entire archive library of BattleTech fiction once again available.