Coming Releases

Touring the Stars: Kerensky’s Vision
Release Date: Friday, January 28
Price: $3.99

Once known as Qualip, during the first Star League the unfortunate world became a cautionary tale of botched terraforming and human ignorance as entire continents became locked in ecological warfare even before Combine nukes fell in the Succession Wars. When the Clans invaded, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky saw in abandoned Qualip a chance to implement Nicholas Kerensky’s vision for the Inner Sphere and the Clans, and the rechristened Kerensky’s Vision became that chance. Setting Clan science to restore a paradise world lost to war created a planet unique in the occupation zone. On Kerensky’s Vision, Clan and Inner Sphere merchants compete, while others smuggle, spy, and even steal in the packed enclaves of the capital. Here, anything can be bought—for a price.

Spotlight On: Hellion Keshik
Release Date: Friday, Feb. 4
Price: $3.99

Death From Above. No words better describe Hellion Keshik, the bodyguard Trinary for Clan Goliath Scorpion’s saKhan. Few formations conjure terror amongst their enemies more than this assemblage of warriors. Forged from tattered remnants of two Clans, one absorbed and the other abjured, Hellion Keshik welded their disparate philosophies into one. As the tip of the spear for Hellion Galaxy, the Keshik does more than protect the saKhan. These warriors train endlessly and fight savagely like no others in the Scorpion Touman. The Keshik has never tasted defeat, because victory is so sweet.

Completing the cycle of products tied to Operational Turning Points: Hanseatic Crusade, this installment of Spotlight On explores one of the key units among the forces of the Escorpion Imperio during their invasion of the Hanseatic League.

Touring the Stars: Rocky
Release Date: Friday, Feb. 18
Price: $2.99

Once a cool, but beautiful world, rich in natural resources, Rocky led a charmed existence as one of the first planets colonized by humankind. As a paradise settled by some of Terra’s wealthiest citizens, its people wanted for little, and strife was rare for centuries. But like the Hegemony it belonged to, Rocky fell to the darkness of the Amaris years, and saw its killing blows come in the form of a rare battle between Houses Steiner and Davion at the dawn of the Succession Wars. Now little more than another ruined casualty of human avarice, Rocky is little remembered by the Inner Sphere at large—save for the rumors of stolen treasures of the Star League, lost beneath its frozen wastes.

No Substitute for Victory
An ilClan Era novel by Blaine Lee Pardoe
Release Date: Late January / Early February 2022


For nearly a decade, the relentless warriors of Clan Jade Falcon have held the world of Jangso in the A Place system, using it as a training ground for their next generation of warriors. When the planet’s garrison departs to join other Falcon forces in the fight for Terra, the Clans’ ultimate prize, aging Star Commander Hasara is ordered to remain behind. Deemed too old to be worthy of going to Terra, he still embraces his honor, and vows to safeguard the planet and all of the cadets too young to join the fight.

The Lyran Commonwealth, still stinging from losing Jangso to the Falcons, resolves to exploit their absence by taking back the planet before the Falcons can return. Armed with military intelligence and smuggled BattleMechs, Lyran natives on Jangso launch critical strikes at Hasara, his ex-MechWarrior partner, and the Falcon cadets under their wings, luring them into a trap.

But the Lyrans have greatly underestimated the Falcons’ indomitable spirit and the lengths they will go to when driven to the brink of desperation. As Hasara wrestles with his own sense of honor, and faces dwindling morale and diminishing returns against troops seeking to exterminate him and his cadets, he must prove there is still enough fight left in his old bones to secure a victory for the future of his Clan.

Empire Alone
Release Date: Second Quarter 2022

From the new ilKhan on Terra comes word to the Wolf Empire of their Clan’s victory. With no further communication from Alaric Ward, Star Colonel Othar takes the reins of the Empire, attempting to weather the assaults of his neighbors, and ensure the ilKhan’s realm remains inviolate.

Hungrily eyeing their worlds lost to the Empire, now stripped of the Wolves’ best, factions within the Free Worlds League launch offensives across the border and risk carrying Nikol Marik into a war she may not be ready for. At her back, the Spirit Cats and Clan Sea Fox lair in their Clan Protectorate, eager to pursue their own ends.

And out among the stars, the Wolf’s Dragoons and their new commander are on the hunt…

Empire Alone is a BattleTech sourcebook providing full details of the events around the Wolf Empire and Free Worlds League from 3151 to mid-3152. Included are a full historical summary of events in those regions of space, personality and unit profiles of key players—many appearing here for the first time, and game information to bring it all to your BattleTech tabletop.

BattleTech Universe
Release Date: Mid 2022

Leap into the rich history of the BattleTech universe and get up to date for the new ilClan era with this comprehensive tome! BattleTech Universe includes sections for all of the major factions, offering concise histories for each from their founding through 3150.

In addition, BattleTech Universe highlights the major moments across the history of the Inner Sphere through fiction excerpts from some of the most beloved BattleTech novels of years past—and today! An easy-to-follow guide in each segment offers suggestions for further reading.

Whether you’re just starting out in BattleTech and want to dive deep into the history of its factions, or you’re ready to jump into all the action of the ilClan era, BattleTech Universe is your indispensable guide to get up to date on 3150 and beyond!

Brush Wars series
Debuting First Quarter 2022

Despite the millions (!) of words laid down in BattleTech sourcebooks over the years, some conflicts have never seen the spotlight. The original Historical: Brush Wars sourcebook covered a few such campaigns during the Succession Wars era, and Historical: Wars of the Republic Era tackled a few more which occurred between the end of the Jihad and the HPG Blackout. This series will go farther, criss-crossing all eras of BattleTech with deep dives into conflicts which have never gotten the sourcebook treatment.

Recalling those earlier Historical products, each Brush Wars installment will dedicate significant space to describing each campaign. And, like Operational Turning Point: Hanseatic Crusade, each Brush Wars release in PDF will be supported by a slate of companion PDFs, with an eye toward eventual compilation in POD format. What’s more, the two previous volumes mentioned above will be re-released in POD, dropping the defunct “Historical” naming and re-branded with the Brush Wars moniker.

Several Brush Wars releases are in the works, including the Burrock Absorption, the Battle of Dahlgren, the St. Ives War, and the First Combine-Ghost Bear War, and more!

BattleMech Technical Blueprints Volume 1
Release Date: TBD

Massive firepower combined with unparalleled levels of armor protection make the BattleMech the ultimate war machine of the 32nd century. Top saFactors have compiled technical blueprints for four of these dreaded juggernauts: Phoenix Hawk, Warhammer, Timber Wolf, and Dire Wolf.

BattleTech Print on Demand

We’ve slowly started to release our out-of-print books via Print on Demand (POD), and the response has been unanimously positive. To date, we offer The Wars of Reaving, The First Succession War, The Second Succession War, House Arano, and the BattleTech Activity Book as POD physical copies, available for purchase on DriveThruRPG.

We will further expand our POD library in the coming months by releasing Brush Wars (rebranded as Brush Wars Volume 1), Wars of the Republic Era (rebranded as Brush Wars Volume 2), and Operation KLONDIKE.