Civil War (3062–3067)

The Clan threat is eventually lessened with the complete destruction of a Clan. With that massive external threat apparently neutralized, internal conflicts explode around the Inner Sphere. House Liao conquers its former Commonality, the St. Ives Compact; a rebellion of military units belonging to House Kurita sparks a war with their powerful border enemy, Clan Ghost Bear; the fabulously powerful Federated Commonwealth of House Steiner and House Davion collapses into five long years of bitter civil war.

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Sun-Tzu Liao expels Isis Marik from Capellan space. Trinity Alliance formed. Riots on Solaris VII. First Babylon Diet. Ghost Bear/Combine War begins. Arthur Steiner-Davion killed. Victor calls for war to depose his sister. FedCom Civil War begins. Draconis March forces invade Combine.
Marian Hegemony conquers Illyrian Palatinate. Julius O’Reilly becomes Caesar. Kristen Marik dies. War between Capellan Confederation and St. Ives Compact ends with the annexation of the latter. End of Ghost Bear/Combine War.
Diplomatic relations opened between Clan Snow Raven and Outworlds Alliance. Omi Kurita assassinated. Jade Falcon Incursion into Lyran Alliance. Clan Hell’s Horses abandons their Inner Sphere possessions. Third Whitting Conference held on Atreus. Christian Mansdottir elected First Lord. ComStar, the Taurian Concordat and Word of Blake admitted to Star League as probationary members.
Clan Wolf assaults Jade Falcons. End of Jade Falcon Incursion. Clan Diamond Shark seizes Twycross. Free Skye revolts. Fighting continues in the former Federated Commonwealth, including battles on Kathil and New Syrtis.
Ceasefire between Draconis March and Combine. Formation of Fronc Reaches and Calderon Protectorate. Fighting continues in the former Federated Commonwealth, including battles on Tikonov, Tharkad and New Avalon.
Peter Steiner-Davion kills Nondi Steiner in combat, ending hostilities on Tharkad. Ardan Sortek dies in the fighting on New Avalon. Katherine Steiner-Davion surrenders. FedCom Civil War ends. Peter named Archon of the Lyran Alliance, Yvonne Steiner-Davion named Regent of the Federated Suns. Alys Marik begins the Great Debate in the Free Worlds League Parliament. Wolf’s Dragoons attacked on Outreach by coalition of mercenaries. Jaime Wolf killed. Fourth Whitting Conference held on Tharkad. Star League dissolved. Word of Blake attacks Tharkad and New Avalon, launching their Jihad. Northwind blockaded by Word of Blake. Wolf’s Dragoons attack Mars. Outreach nuked by Word of Blake.