We’ve been kicking this around for a few weeks, both to make sure we’re happy with what we wanted, but also to fold in all of the community feedback and give us time to think about what suggestions might work and what are outside the parameters for this particular book.

As usual, though, I’m leaning more and more towards sharing works in progress and the outline is no different. In fact, thought we’d even keep in the various highlights and in-outline discussions that are still found in the current outline (there were several previous iterations to the outline).

You’ll note that it almost feels like we’ve not finalized everything based upon some of the feedback…and we haven’t. And that’s actually pretty normal. Couple of reasons for that. First is that some of it we’re still cogitating on whether something should be included or not but we need to get writing going (and it is underway). Second, some of it often is “we want to include it but haven’t figured it out just yet,” which means that during the writing the author is going to focus on those sections a little more up front, then let the ideas percolate as he goes onto other sections and then come back to see if new ideas have come up for how to make something work. Finally it can be a matter of space; i.e. “yes, that might be cool to fit in but if the rest of the book is written and we’re out of our budgeted page count, then it gets cut.”

Also, we just released the Alpha Strike Point Value System Open Beta zip file for free that’ll allow the community to participate in the play test and share their thoughts on the BattleTech forums. Go check that announcement out and download the free file!

Finally, I’m sharing this is a new way (each of the 3 pages as a pop-up so you can view details easily), so hopefully this works out. If not, you can feel free to let me know not to try it this way next time; nice easy way is to simply follow us on Twitter at @catalystgamelab and let us know.



Microsoft Word - AlphaStrikeCompanionOutline_3.doc

Microsoft Word - AlphaStrikeCompanionOutline_3.doc

Microsoft Word - AlphaStrikeCompanionOutline_3.doc