ToC PreviewOne of the primary things that has struck me about the Draconis Combine is the stark divide between the two societal classes – noble and worker. While each has several subdivisions within them, the main divide is exceptionally noticeable within the Kuritan realm.
Of all the Great Houses, the Combine’s society and economy is the most “realistic” when it comes to reconciling “real world” theories against the sci-fi pulp universe of BattleTech. The worker class is truly poor within the Dragon’s realm and the nobles are truly wealthy. It explains much as to why such cultural iconography (namely, the “Japanification” of the House) is deep-seated within the society.
Adherence and reverence for the Kuritan ideals is indelibly strong within the poor classes; it’s the one thing they can well and truly grasp to live for. The reverse is true of the nobility (of which the merchants reside on the lower tiers); they are more adept at manipulating the cultural norms to get what they want, while showing the face of subservience to the Imperial throne.
Isn’t it interesting, then, that the Black Dragon Society finds most of its members within the nobility…
Something to chew on, at least. The societal ‘warfare’ is an ever-present constant within Kuritan society; a good RPG campaign will take advantage of those stressors to make a truly impactful game.
So enough jabber. It’s all about the preview, isn’t it? Okay, fine, we can’t resist. We’re as excited as you are – more so, even – that this book is finally going to see the light of day. Ray was a kind soul and took a few minutes of his precious time to cobble together this short little look into the book for you all.

Ben H. Rome
Assistant Line Developer