So, this happened.


Handbook: House Kurita has been a long time coming. No one disputes that, and the fact that it is here now is a big deal. It’s so big, in fact, that BattleCorps has brought together a series of stories to celebrate it.

Honor Code: Stories of the Draconis Combine is a group of stories that all celebrate those central themes of honor, dignity and duty that epitomize the realm of House Kurita. We’ve been quiet lately. This is why.

You’ve already read the first story, Philip A. Lee’s “The Face of the Enemy.” By the time you’re reading this, or shortly thereafter, you’ll find Chris Hussey’s “Broken Brotherhood.”

The rest of the intended sequence (though not in any order) are:

  • “Harvest of Deception,” by Kevin Killiany
  • “A Moment of Honesty” by Jason Hansa
  • “Karma” by Chris Hartford
  • “Risk of Honor” by David G. Martin
  • “A Warrior’s Fear” by Craig A. Reed, Jr.
  • “Lady of Steel” by Alan Brundage
  • “Family Honor” by Dylan Birtolo

You’ll see these stories publish across the next month or two. And as you read them, if you’re rushing to Origins or Gen Con for your copy of Handbook: House Kurita, revel in the soul of the samurai.