Obviously been a while since I updated this…apologies. Finally clearing out various projects and getting back to IOwork which means new blogs.

I previously touched upon the over-all development of Force Quality (now called Combat Effectiveness Rating) in this blog post and then a followed up with a blog post of some of the particulars, namely Force Loyalty.

Here’s a further follow-up on that discussing the rules as they’re looking in development for Equipment Rating.

3. Determining Equipment Rating

Determining Equipment Rating, while not as nebulous as Force Loyalty, never-the-less has a complex web that ultimately determines what access a force has to high technology. To simulate this web, use the Force Loyalty Table in the same process as described above, except when you reach Step D, use the Roll For Equipment Rating Table below.


D. Roll For Equipment Rating
Roll 2D6 and apply the modifier from Step C, as well as the Force Quality modifiers below, to the die roll result. This is the final Equipment Rating.

2D6 Equipment Rating
2-3 F
4-5 D
6-8 C
9-10 B
11-12 A
Force Quality Modifier
Heroic/Legendary +3
Veteran +1
Regular +0
Green -1
Wet Behind The Ear/Really Green -2

As with the previous rules, these will likely need to have their modifiers tweaked, but it gives you an idea of the direction I’m currently taking things.

Next time, Logistics Ratings…