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For those that might have missed it the first time, the Open Beta Test for Interstellar Operations is underway! (Check out the first blog post surrounding this long-awaited rulebook.)

Now comes what might be one of the most anticipated aspects of this rulebook: Creating A Force (and the companion section, which will be out in the near future, Force Operations). Unlike the previous iteration of this style of rules, found in Field Manual: Mercenaries, we wanted a more open and free-form structure that would allow players to build any type of force to their liking.

Obviously players can build on this framework with their own rules for enhancing the flavor of a given faction. However, by going this much more free-form route, not only will it allow players a level of freedom we hope they’ve never experienced before…but it’ll allow us to tackle creating those exact “flavor” rules for each faction, that will easily plug into these.

So dive in: Interstellar Operations Open Beta Test: Creating A Force.

Additionally, the two associated threads are live: Interstellar Operations Open Beta Test: Creating A Force: Discussion AND Interstellar Operations Open Beta Test: Creating A Force: Errata.

Dive in and enjoy…and we hope to have the Force Operations rules coming your way soon.