It’s almost here…it’s almost here!

I love seeing any new BattleTech book hit the shelf, but seeing a new Introductory Box Set back on the shelf is particularly gratifying as I know it’s the single best tool for seducing people into playing our favorite game.

And while the previous box set was lauded for a lot of reasons, it rightly got a low grade for the 24 miniatures. I’m extremely happy to say that we focused on that completely and spent the time and resources to generate all new molds so those miniatures would be a much higher quality.

So yes, the printed material is all the exact same; though I think for you paper-files out there that this printing is better…and the box absolutely is a studier box. But at the end of the day it’s the quality of the miniatures that’s hugely improved.

Check out the, especially our two-for deal to get some extra miniatures. Here’s a slew of photos of the contents to help make our case…let us know once you’ve got your sets if you agree!