Once I saw the final version, I just had to share it…though some may not use it all that often, it’s such a cool item to know you can throw on the table during some Tactical Operations rules play.

When Catalyst published HexPack: Cities and Roads, we published a “DropShip Promotional HexTile” alongside it; it included a rules sheet so players didn’t need to go anywhere if they wanted to immediately deploy that promo HexTile in a game. (The HexPack Promotion 1 free PDF expanded upon that rules sheet and its companion HexTile.)

HexPack: Mountains and Canyons is almost ready to send off to the printer, and we’ve got another fun promotional tile in the works. Below is the graphic as we received it from the artist.

HexPack-Mountains&Canyons_Promotional Tile Illo_Preview.jpg

Then after some great layout fu, we’ve now got the “Magma Promotional HexTile” that’ll be available for a very short time once HexPack: Mountains and Canyons is available (as with the DropShip Promotional HexTile, it’ll include a rules sheet for using it in your games, while directing you to the more full rules found in Tactical Operations.

HexPack-Mountains&Canyons_Promotional Tile Final_Preview.jpg

It’s printing overseas so it’s still a few months from when it’ll be available (as always, once we have a Street Date, we’ll announce it), but couldn’t help but share the fun now….