Welcome to the new look for the site dedicated to the BattleTech board game!

Right out of the gate you’re going to see a lot of grease and grime smeared about still as we continue to work…not to mention many bays still completely empty (or housing the wrong ’Mechs!) in our new hangar. For that we apologize.

There were discussions of holding off until we’d made it immaculate enough to fend off a Social General and his white gloves. But ultimately we decided that this site is for the community. We’ve already been hard at work putting in brand new sections not found on the previous site based upon the communities’ feedback: for example while we still have the nice eye candy of the “Latest Releases” and “Upcoming Releases” covers on the front page, we’ve created full, in-depth pages to house such details so you don’t have to reload the front page five times to see what’s new or heading your way.

With that in mind, before we start locking things down and putting away our tools, we want to ask the community their thoughts on the site. Are there pages on the site you feel don’t serve a good purpose and we should eliminate? Or what about content you feel is a must for any site dealing with the BattleTech board game, but you currently don’t fine it?

Now obviously you can tell us if you find broken links, or garbled text…but with so much content still to be added (not to mention not having the Blake Ascending book appear in every product section), we’re more interested in the over-all features and the direction of the content, organization, and so on, of the site.

And of course that also applies to the forums…they, and this site, have migrated to a new server with more robust support, so please let us know if you find Space Cats in the ventilation shafts.

We’ve created a new thread in the forums where you can post your feedback on the site. We’ll use that to both correct issues, as well as shape the final content of the site to make it as usable and accessible to the community as possible.

It’s appropriate at this time to extend a huge, huge thank you to Jason Knight. Jason has hosted and been web admin for this site for long, long years. There wouldn’t be a current site without all his efforts. However, with the launching of the new site and migration to a new server, Jason will no longer be directly involved with the website. Thanks for all the passion and hard work, Jason.

I’d also like to thank the volunteers that stepped forward who are helping to populate the site, as well as work on the fun technical backend that make any ’Mech hangar like this work. Thanks Paul, Patrick, George and Chas!

Finally, I’d ask for your patience. We hope this ultimately will create a better-than-ever locale for MechWarriors to hang out, discuss their favorite game and universe, grab the latest intel and more…but it may be a little bumpy still getting from here to there.