A special BattleTech gathering was held earlier this year, the first of its kind. Bringing together official BattleTech forum admins, moderators, developers, contributors and freelancers–affectionately known as “Beemers” for the colored icons they wear on the forums–this first-ever BeemerCon saw three days of hard-fought games across three days and continents around the world.

We’re pleased to bring you this comprehensive after-action report of all the games, written by two of the leading lights in bringing this behind-the-scenes gathering together: Matt “Blacknova” Alexander and Marc “LyranWolf” Follin.

This gathering happened several months ago, so why are we bringing this to you now? Two reasons. First, the exclusive preview ‘Mechs offered for the Beemers to play are now out in public, in the Recognition Guide: ilClan series. And second, Blacknova will be soon departing as a BattleTech contributor to pursue new gaming industry opportunities of his own. The BattleTech family thanks him for his service, and thought the publication of the AAR to which he contributed would be a fitting send-off!

Without further ado, please enjoy the AAR below! (You can download the document, zoom in on it, or make it full-screen using the controls at the bottom of the frame.)

BeemerCon 2020 – After Acti… by BattleTechDocs

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