We’re pleased to announce that the pledge manager for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter campaign is soft-launching now!

Backers should have received an e-mail with a link to the pledge manager. If you haven’t received yours, you will in the next day or so as the soft launch continues. If you’ve not received anything through the weekend, feel free to Private Message us via Kickstarter we’ll get the link to you.

The pledge manager will remain open for the next several months, at which time your order will be finalized for production and shipping!

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked with our partners at CrowdOx to tackle the challenges of such a complex and hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. With their help, we’re confident that the pledge manager will provide you with accurate shipping at the lowest possible cost.

For those who have not backed a Kickstarter campaign before or need a basic refresher on what the pledge manager does, we’ve assembled a brief FAQ to assist you. For specifics on using the pledge manager and placing your order, please see our very detailed Update #55 which went out via Kickstarter.

What is a pledge manager?

A pledge manager is an app which helps organize each backer’s pledged funds into specific orders for production and shipping. Through this tool, backers can alter their pledges, choose additional items, personalize what they bought, and provide us with their shipping address.

What happens to the money I pledged during the campaign?

When you access the pledge manager, the funds you previously pledged during the month-long BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter will appear as a credit to your account. You can apply this credit to any backer level (i.e., Star Captain, Star Colonel, etc.) and to any add-on products you would like.

Can I pledge additional funds in the pledge manager to buy more product or cover shipping costs?

Absolutely! We realize that the Clan Invasion campaign included many terrific add-on products, and shipping costs will vary depending on each backer’s order and geographic location. You can increase your pledged amount to cover these costs.

Once I’ve submitted my order, can I make changes?

Once you submit your order, digital items cannot be changed, because those will post to your email shortly with redemption codes and links. You can come back and change your mind on physical items later, but not anything digital that you’ve been emailed. However, you can change physical product details and orders until the pledge manager closes, as well as add more products and funds, make a different selection for products which have multiple options (i.e., selecting a different faction for your faction pack), or change anything else about your pledge (though you cannot lower your pledge level).

How will shipping work?

Shipping for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter will be accomplished in two waves, to allow for design, production, and transportation of the various products. Backers have the choice to either:

  • pay shipping costs for their products from each wave separately,
  • or combine shipping costs by deferring the shipment of all their product until the end of Wave 2. (Important: Deferring shipment in this manner means backers may see Wave 1 product in retail stores before receiving their own product!)

The pledge manager will calculate shipping costs for each option based on the products selected and the backer’s geographic location. Along with our fulfillment partners at Quartermaster Logistics, we have worked hard to keep shipping costs as low as possible worldwide.

I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Feel free to Private Message us via Kickstarter and we’ll continue to answer all questions posted there.

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