At this time (9:30 PM US Eastern 12 July 2017), the forums are more or less running normally. Some smileys aren’t loading properly and we are continuing to monitor for additional problems. Please report them in the “Website and Forum Support” board so the technical team can look into the issues and work to resolve them.

Original post:

As most of you are probably aware, the BattleTech site recently experienced an extended outage. We are still completing the process of bringing the forums fully back to normal.

At this time (10:11 PM US Eastern 11 July 2017), we are aware of problems logging in or posting on the forums. The technology team is working to resolve that issue and we will update this post once everything is resolved.

In the meantime, please be patient, give us time to work on resolving all of the issues, and do not create a new account to post.