Artist Jim Holloway, whose work graced the covers of a number of early BattleTech products, died Sunday according to a post by his son, Mike, on his Facebook page.

Holloway’s prolific work spanned the breadth of the sci-fi and fantasy genres, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s. Best known for his covers and interiors for Dungeons and Dragons game products and Dragon magazine, he was also the original artist for the Paranoia roleplaying game and contributed artwork for Iron Crown Enterprises’ Lord of the Rings products, among many other games.

Holloway’s illustrations across all of the original core BattleTech products, including BattleTech Second EditionCityTechAeroTech, and MechWarrior First Edition established a look for the line which influenced decades of BattleTech art.

“Jim Holloway was one of the earliest contributors to the BattleTech, and his vision defined so much of what drew myself and so many others to the universe,” said Ray Arrastia, BattleTech Line Developer. “His paintings and illustrations remain in my mind to this day, and they still inform the creative direction of the BattleTech Universe. He will be missed.”

His cover of the first edition of the MechWarrior roleplaying game, a memorable first-person view inside a BattleMech’s cockpit, was recently honored with a modern update on the cover of the MechWarrior: Destiny roleplaying game. Holloway’s cover for the first edition of Decision at Thunder Rift served as a bold introduction to generations of BattleTech fiction readers, as did his covers for Tales of the Black Widow Company, the Gray Death Legion sourcebook, The Fox’s Teeth, and much more.

“In the fall of 1986 I walked into a game store and saw my first ever BattleTech book, The Fox’s Teeth,” said Randall N. Bills, Catalyst Game Labs’ Managing Developer. “Jim Holloway’s cover instantly pulled me into that universe. His Succession Wars cover still remains one of my all-time favorite BattleTech illustrations, as it captures all of the action and intrigue that has made this game such a success for over thirty-five years. His legacy as an artist has touched so many people.”

On behalf of everyone at Catalyst Game Labs, we offer our condolences to the Holloway family and all fans of Jim’s work.