Today a slew of elements launch, all pointing towards our coming Kickstarter campaign. 

Here’s the rundown:


Our preview, pre-launch page is live on BackerKit, right now! This preview page offers a look at what’s coming in the Mercenaries Kickstarter when it launches on March 23 at AdeptiCon. This includes a list of all the ForcePacks that will be available; a new 4” Timber Wolf for Veteran-level and above backers; the Salvage Box: Visigoth aerospace fighter, free to those that back in the first 48 hours; the incredibly exciting Kickstarter Launch Parties that might come to your corner of the Inner Sphere; and playtesting materials you can access right now by registering on the BackerKit pre-launch page!

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We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for this Kickstarter. Preview 03 PDF is now available–for free as always–covering the Ostroc and Mobile HQ!

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As noted on the BackerKit pre-launch page, we’re trying something different with the t-shirts this time around. Instead of incorporating them as rewards for the Mercenaries Kickstarter, we’re simply releasing them on our store, pairing up a mercenary outfit with a faction. 

The first pair is available now:

  • Illican Lancers
  • Clan Sea Fox

More factions and mercenary commands will be available in the coming months, covering multiple eras:

  • February 10: Eridani Light Horse & Star League
  • March 10: Northwind Highlanders & The Republic of the Sphere

Based upon the success of these first items, more mercenary and faction t-shirts will roll out during the rest of the year.

Stock: This is our first time offering faction t-shirts in this fashion. As such, we’ve been conservative on quantities. However, these are made in the U.S. and Silkworm has been a stalwart company to work with, always willing to run with us when needed. As such, if sales significantly exceed expectations, we can restock within 21 days. 

Price: $30 each

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The Mercenary Tales are a new series of short stories tied into the Kickstarter campaign, the new t-shirts, and the preview of ’Mechs and vehicles coming in the Kickstarter. The series kicks off today with Riptides by Randall N. Bills, a new ilClan Era story that features Clan Sea Fox and the Illician Lancers mercenary outfit. 

The Mercenary Tales, #1, by Randall N. Bills

A new era is dawning…

The Illician Lancers: a mercenary outfit with centuries of honorable tradition, yet somehow always missing the limelight. Especially recently, after their mission failure during the liberation of New Syrtis in 3147 tarnished their once-sterling reputation and left them languishing on the Capellan border. Can Colonel Luciana Araya Morales overcome the shame of those events and restore the Lancers to their former glory?

Meanwhile, as Clan Wolf prepares for its invasion of the cradle of humanity, Ya’el Labov, saKhan of the Sea Fox Khanate, hunts for new opportunities in the currents wafting from Terra. Rumors that the Clan Wolf Khan is using mercenaries as part of his attack plan set the wily saKhan’s mind to spinning. How can he take advantage of this, and make Clan Sea Fox’s star rise even further?

Two people with very different goals are about to embark on a shared mission that, if successful, will change much in the Inner Sphere. And if they are not, their alliance may be doomed to failure before it can even begin…

Price: $1.99



The Clan Sea Fox dice puck is now available! This item is the same, high-quality, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum magnet-lidded case as previous Lostech Dice pucks. Includes two 16mm dice, and four 12mm dice.

Stock: This is stock remaining from sales at Gen Con 2022. Once they are gone, it will be some time before they can be restocked.

Price: $49.99

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As the “Vintage”-cover printings of the Total Warfare rulebook line have gone out of print, they have been reprinted with new, mercenary-themed covers, and now the Interstellar Operations books have received the same treatment. The two Interstellar Operations covers allowed us to really spread our artistic wings. The incredible size differences of combat units is on display on the Alternate Eras book, while a shot from the Battle of Misery covered in the novel Wolves on the Border, graces the BattleForce cover.

Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras

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Interstellar Operations: BattleForce

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Last but absolutely not least, we’re happy to announce that Dominions Divided‘s street date is officially Friday, January 27.