It’s a huge day of news with new previews to share, new releases for sale, and details on the livestream from the floor of Adepticon later this month. Let’s get to it!

Mercenaries Kickstarter Preview #7, New T-Shirts and Fiction

We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for this Kickstarter. Preview 07 PDF is now available–for free as always–covering the Firestarter and the Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank!

Catalyst Game Labs web store:

Also available today are the next two t-shirts in our Mercenaries: the Northwind Highlanders and the Republic of the Sphere!

Northwind Highlanders:
Republic of the Sphere:

Finally, new today is the next short story in the Mercenaries Kickstarter preview series!

Perception of Victory
A BattleTech short short by Michael J. Ciaravella

After repelling the brutal Capellan Confederation’s vain attempt to capture their planet’s working HPG, the people of Northwind had hoped to get a break from the growing conflict in the wake of the splintering of the Republic of the Sphere. But Capellan ruler Daoshen Liao has other plans for the beleaguered world, sending wave after wave of mercenaries to grind Northwind’s defenses into bloody dust.

Standing against them is what is left of the legendary Northwind Highlanders, particularly the Grey Watch. Already heroes for driving the Capellans off-planet, the valiant warriors of the Watch are now fighting a campaign of attrition, hoping to beat back the rampaging mercenary hordes. But when a Knight of the Republic arrives with universe-changing news, the men and women of the Grey Watch must face a remade Inner Sphere and find their place in it…or perish.


Now Available: Phoenix Hawk Premium Miniature

Inner Sphere Icon!

First produced by the Terran Hegemony and a staple BattleMech of the Star League Defense Force, the Phoenix Hawk is an extremely mobile, 45-ton design appearing on the rolls of every Successor State army, and most Clans as well.

Now, add it to your own TO&E!

This premium variant uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted, with the extra arms and legs to create multiple poses including our first “kneeling” pose. 

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New Audiobook: “No Greater Honor”

The audiobook version of “No Greater Honor,” the collected chronicles of the Eridani Light Horse mercenary brigade, is now available for your listening pleasure!


Most mercenary units fly flags on two flagpoles at their headquarters: one with their unit’s flag,
and other bearing the flag of their current employer. However, the Third Regimental Combat
Team—a.k.a. the Eridani Light Horse—leaves one flagpole bare, as a reminder of the death of
the Star League, and the other pole flies the Light Horse’s unit and regimental flags at half-

What triumphs and tragedies shaped the Eridani Light Horse and its traditions? What drove
them to become a force to be reckoned with, an elite mercenary unit with one of the longest
histories and the deepest traditions in the Inner Sphere? Now, collected for the first time, nine
of BattleTech’s finest authors bring the legacy of this storied unit to life like never before.
Witness the Eridani Light Horse’s origins in the Star League, and follow their evolution all the
way through the Succession Wars and the Clan Invasion to their downfall during the Dark Age
and their resurrection in the uncertain future of the ilClan era.

Featuring stories from:
Joel Steverson
Craig A. Reed, Jr.
Chris Hussey
Randall N. Bills
Jason Hansa
Daniel Isberner
Alan Brundage
Jason Schmetzer
Michael J. Ciaravella

Box Set and Salvage Box Restock

We’ve just received a huge new restock of all of our core box sets and the Salvage Boxes of individual ‘Mechs! They’re available on our web store, and make sure your local game store knows they should be available again through their regular distributors.

Beginner Box (Vindicator cover):
A Game of Armored Combat:
Clan Invasion Box Set:
Clan Invasion Salvage Box POP:

ICYMI: Free Record Sheets for Mercenary ForcePacks

We recently uploaded FREE record sheet PDFs for all of our recently released mercenary-themed ForcePacks, including the upcoming Snord’s Irregulars and UrbanMech ForcePack.

Visit our Downloads page to get your copies!

Adepticon Livestream Preview and Schedule

We’re extremely excited to reveal our guest list and schedule for the livestream at AdeptiCon 2023 for the launch of the Mercenaries Kickstarter.

We’d like to thank the Lynnvander Studios team that will be running and hosting our livestream, which will be hosted at and


The following BattleTech guests will be available directly at the show for questions, autographs, and handshakes, as well as participating in the livestream. 

Randall Bills

Randall N. Bills has been writing and game designing for more than twenty-five years. He’s overseen the publication of hundreds of sourcebooks, rulebooks, boxed games and more for BattleTech across four different companies, as well as creative input on numerous other beloved game universes, including Shadowrun. He’s also written a half-dozen novels–including the Founding of the Clans trilogy–was the lore advisor on Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech computer game, and was the co-story developer for Piranha Games’ MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries computer game. His most recent game publications include the alternate history tabletop miniatures game Leviathans and the Dungeons & Dragons Dragonfire deck builder game.

Loren Coleman

Loren L. Coleman is the owner and publisher of Catalyst Game Labs, and the most prolific writer in the History of the BattleTech Intellectual Property. Since 1994, starting with FASA, Loren has published 13 novels, scripted four computer games, written more than 100 short fiction pieces, and has been a major contributor in dozens of sourcebooks. #annoyingmikestackpole.

Ray Arrastia

Ray Arrastia is the BattleTech Line Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. His passion for the game goes back more than three decades, when he started playing the game at local game stores with friends. For the last 18 years, Arrastia has been a key part of BattleTech in a gamut of roles from QC, art, design, production, development, storyrunning, and management. He is a proud member of the team that has revitalized BattleTech for both the new and old generations of fans.

Brent Evans

Brent Evans is a long-time illustrator and award-winning art director.  As an artist, he began freelancing in 1987 and worked in many genres including political cartoons, comics, and children’s books. In 2005, he was hired by gaming visionary Jordan Weisman to work on several games, and immediately distinguished himself as one of the core illustrators for the BattleTech franchise.  His creative design and project management style inspired his elevation to Senior Art Director in 2009 for many legendary gaming franchises, including BattleTech, Shadowrun, D&D’s Dragonfire, Valiant RPG, and many more. From 2017-2019, he took on the additional role as Line Developer, leading the overhaul of the BattleTech product line and catapulting the brand into the industry-leading global success it is today. It is said that Brent’s “superpower” is the ability to recruit and develop creative talent.  

Additionally, Brent is a graduate of and serves as a Board member for the Game Design & Development program for the University of Washington. In January 2023, he launched his first new franchise creation called LAND & SEA, with a novel trilogy available as an Amazon exclusive.

Anthony Scroggins

Anthony Scroggins is the art director of miniatures design for BattleTech, wrangling a team of ’Mech nerds. Back in the year 2000, he discovered MechWarrior, and has been a fan of BattleTech ever since. A feelance scifi artist for 14 years. Mechs, armor, and space have always been a focus of interest. He lives in rainy Oregon, and has been enjoying the resurgence of tabletop BattleTech in a rapidly growing local gaming community.

Marco Mazzoni (Only Available Saturday and Sunday)

Marco Mazzoni is a concept artist/art director at Harebrained Schemes and a cover illustrator for BattleTech.  With a love of the universe that goes back to the late ’80s, he is living his childhood dream of painting mechs and contributing to the recent resurgence.

John Helfers

John Helfers has been working in branded IP development and publishing for more than twenty-five years. During his eighteen years at Tekno Books, at one time the largest book packager in the nation, he managed several New York Times-bestselling novel series, working with such authors as Tom Clancy, Charlaine Harris, Dale Brown, Mercedes Lackey, Stephen Coonts, and many others, as well producing hundreds of anthologies and novels.

Currently, he’s the Executive Editor at Catalyst Game Labs, where he oversees the fiction lines for BattleTech, Shadowrun and Leviathans, publishing more than 1.5 million words of original fiction every year. He lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Michael Ciaravella

Michael J. Ciaravella is the author of three BattleTech novels (Grey Watch Protocol, Paid in Blood, and The Damocles Sanction) a half-dozen short stories, sourcebooks, and the occasional witty remark. Constantly shocked that he has been playing BattleTech for nearly thirty years, Michael is honored to be allowed to indulge in his passion for writing in a universe that has been close to his heart for as long as he can remember, and working with the team that has done so much to reinvigorate the game we all love. In his remaining free time, Michael is the Chief Executive Officer of Clarion Game Studios, and is a Game Designer known for his work in the Hull Breach, Henchman, and Four Horsemen gaming IPs.


And there may be others, from additional BattleTech luminaries to reviewers, industry professionals, and more, all sharing what BattleTech has meant to them.


The livestream will be filled with wonderful interviews, round table discussions, and of course, a host of awesome Actual Play Legendary Battles. The current schedule can be found here (subject to change):

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