Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce that free BattleTech: Alpha Strike data files will be released for Lone Wolf Development’s Army Builder in the near future, available to all licensed Army Builder users for free!

“Next year BattleTech turns 30! And while we’re still publishing supporting books for this seminal game—including reprinting the BattleTech Introductory Box Set, which is currently at the printer—there are times when players simply don’t have the time to invest in a whole evening of game play,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “BattleTech: Alpha Strike was published specifically to allow for an alternative in game play that can turn an evenings gaming into an hour or less. So far the reception has been fantastic, and we’re extremely excited to provide another great tool in support of Alpha Strike with the release of these files for Lone Wolf Development’s brilliant Army Builder software.”

Downloaded by over 60,000 miniatures gamers and with data files available for dozens of game systems, Army Builder is the software of choice for tabletop miniatures players. With its “point-and-click” simplicity, Army Builder eliminates many mistakes, allows for the building of rosters in minutes, and even verifies rosters as legal for a given game system.

The Alpha Strike data files for Army Builder are being compiled by Jim Williamson, a veteran data file author who is transcribing details from the Master Unit List; the massive, online repository of the literally thousands of units that populate BattleTech‘s universe, presented in a way to help players find what they’re looking for, including complete Alpha Strike stat cards on every unit page! Since the source data is coming from, the data files, when released, will be free!

“We’re very happy to be help Jim Williamson bring his work on the Alpha Strike data files to BattleTech players” said Rob Bowes, President of Lone Wolf Development. “When he showed us all the work he’d done bringing in the information from the site, we were excited because this is exactly why we created Army Builder—to help gamers have more fun in less time. We’re always excited to see data files being created for new games, and especially so with fan favorites like BattleTech!”

Look to and in the future for more details!

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