It’s that time of the year again, when we offer our loyal fans an opportunity to prove they’ve got what it takes to contribute to the incredible art that helps define the BattleTech universe.

Before you wave your hand and think “not me,” or “they’ll never pick anyone,” remember that the winner of last year’s art contest did contribute to a print BattleTech product.

This contest is open to any current BattleCorps subscriber.

The following elegibility terms and conditions shall govern the contest:

  • To enter the contest, the fan must submit one piece of original black and white art. Fans may submit more than one submission, but each should be unique, not updates of a previous submission
  • All files must be .jpg format, at 150 dpi in grayscale. Files not matching those specifications will not be judged
  • The illustration must be of a canon Mad Cat (any model, artist’s choice. All are acceptible; MKII, III, MKIV, all versions and variants)
  • All submissions will be posts to the 2011 Fan Art Contest section of the BattleCorps Gallery (use the top navigation bar).
  • Fans have until December 1, 2011 to post their submissions
  • The winner will be chosen by Brent Evans, Catalyst’s Art Director and long time BattleTech illustrator.
  • The winner will be announced on BattleCorps and will be posted between December 15-31
  • The prize is a contract to illustrate 1 image for the upcoming BattleTech product
  • The winning applicant will receive art direction from the BattleTech team to ensure the image is as good as possible
  • The winning applicant must agree to allow one of the editorial artists to redraw any part of the image should their final work fall short of production quality