The improved reprint of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set hit US shores in February and promptly sold out of the warehouse in a matter of days! And the reception of the improved miniatures and over-all quality of the box has been lauded from retailers to fans alike as the best Introductory box set in BattleTech’s 30-year history.

An even larger print run of this seminal game is weeks underway and should be available again on retail store shelves by late summer.

Following on that success, Catalyst Game Labs, as part of BattleTech’s 30th anniversary, is pleased to announce the launch of a line of Lance Packs, making it easier than ever to bring additional action to your gaming table.

The line will start, following the return of the Introductory Box Set to retailer shelves, with the Assault Lance Pack and Pursuit Lance Pack. Future releases will occur every two to three months there after throughout 2015. Each $19.99 Lance Pack includes four plastic BattleMechs in the same great quality as those from the Introductory Box Set. With no parts to assemble (beyond painting if you want to add your favorite camo scheme to the mix), these are ready-to-play as soon as you open a box.

CAT35710 Assault Lance Package_Front

CAT35710 Assault Lance Package_Back

These miniatures are perfectly usable alongside the Introductory Box Set or with Total Warfare and the full breadth of BattleTech play. Additionally, each Pack includes 8 Alpha Strike cards, allowing these ’Mechs to also be fielded in that tabletop game play style.

Almost as exciting as the ’Mech releases themselves, this series of 8 Lance Packs are manufacturing simultaneously and will arrive together at our warehouse. This means once the first Lance Packs are available, the schedule for release will remain rock solid through the end of 2014 and throughout 2015, bringing ’Mechs to your gaming table without a hitch.

CAT35715 Pursuit Lance Package_Front

CAT35715 Pursuit Lance Package_Back

Once the Lance Packs hit the Catalyst warehouse in late summer, specific Street Dates will be announced.

Look to and in the future for more details surrounding these coming games!

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