One of four new releases set for December, the 20-5025 Mad Cat IV has been postponed due to sculpting delays. It will ship with the Iron Wind Metals‘ January BattleTech new releases, currently set for on or around the week of 1/23/12.

December 2011… (Formerly November 14th)

Technical Readout: 3075 & Technical Readout: 3085

20-5026 Mongoose II MON-266 ’Mech (TRO3075-40 ton): $11.25
20-5027 Merkava Mk VIII Heavy Tank [1] (TRO3075-75 ton): $13.25
20-5028 Osprey OSP-26 ’Mech (TRO3085-55 ton): $11.95

The following hot new BattleTech items will release from Iron Wind Metals on or about the week of April 9th, 2012…

BattleForce and Technical Readout: Prototypes

10-054 BattleForce-scale Inner Sphere Lance Pack 2 (4 ’Mechs): $16.95

    (Warhammer, Panther, Atlas, Dervish)

10-055 BattleForce Scale Clan Star Pack 2 (5 ’Mechs): $20.95

    (Masakari, Black Hawk, Ryoken, Nova Cat, Fenris)

20-5036 Grasshopper GHR-7P ’Mech (TROPrototypes-70 ton): $13.95
20-5037 Barghest BGS-4T ’Mech (TROPrototypes-70 ton): $13.95

20-5038 Blood Reaper ’Mech (TRO3085-70 ton): $13.95